Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the founder, chairman and CEO of JetSmarter.

A Moscow native, Petrossov created JetSmarter, which is a user-friendly app that allows travelers to order private flights with jet operators. Petrossov released the app in 2013. By 2017, Petrossov had raised $105 million from investors including Jay Z and the Saudi royal family. The private company’s estimated worth is $1.5 billion.


When he was four, Petrossov’s family moved to the United States and lived in California and Colorado. They eventually settled in Florida, and Petrossov attended college at the University of Florida. It’s also where he got the idea to start his flight business.

Petrossov took his first private-jet flight at the age of 21 when the owner of a private jet company in Florida let him fly on his plane. The private flight industry wasn’t very tech-savvy, but Petrossov was. He began researching the industry and realized that an app that allowed people to book private flights and jets was needed for business travelers and the rich and famous.

Ultimately, JetSmarter could become the “Uber” for private flying. Petrossov’s company partners with more than 800 carriers from around the world. Members pay an annual fee about $14,000 and have access to seats on jets. The JetSmarter app creates more private flights and members use the app to book travel to more than 170 countries. 

Always thinking ahead, Petrossov is partnering with other luxury brands to create a traveling experience that includes curated meals by famous chefs and VIP packages that allow exclusive access to VIP events,

Petrossov, whose interests include travel and technology, has been listed on Forbes 30 under 30 for JetSmarter.


Contemporary language constantly evolves in an effort to convey novel ideas or define new cultural trends.

So, if you’ve ever had a “senior moment,” it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached back in time to reflect upon your life. Quite the contrary: it means that you have forgotten something.

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You’ve experienced a temporary memory lapse, if you will. While that phrase is used in a comical manner, the reality of geriatric memory loss is no laughing matter. As we age, memory function begins to decline and remembering is not as easy as it once was.

Besides the many studies confirming age-related memory loss, credible research has shown, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that proper diet and exercise have a clear connection to physical and mental health.

This means that memory can be enhanced by the addition of dietary supplements such as Prevagen*, the number one pharmacist-recommended brand—and industry leader—in the crowded market of memory-improvement aids.

Prevagen consists of a scientifically proven formula that expands the brain’s memory capacity. Its primary ingredient is “apoaequorin” which was discovered in a type of jellyfish that has an extraordinary ability to glow in the dark.

This most unusual phenomena piqued the interest of researchers, and after extensive studies over several years, discovered apoaequorin’s cognitive-enhancing properties.

As apoaequorin and exercise both contribute to healthy brain function, researchers explored and developed a relationship between the two with amazing results.

Science refers to the specific area of the brain that’s impacted by aerobic exercise as the hippocampus. With this in mind, it is fair to say that the hippocampus plays a vital role in connecting cardiovascular health to cognitive health.

Exercise can actually improve one’s ability to better concentrate and multi-task. And in an era of social media, long hours at work, childcare, domestic duties, and paying bills, one’s ability to concentrate and multi-task can aid in the reduction of mental and physical stress.

The goal of exercise is not to add to the stress of daily life, however, but to decrease anxiety and simultaneously boost your mental and physical wellbeing. Consequently, do fun things! Incorporate exercise into your daily routines. Instead of taking the elevator, walk up the stairs.

Walk with a friend or join a gym together. Expand your horizons by learning a new language. And have you ever noticed the calming effect of crossword puzzles and other word games?

Well, there is scientific evidence to support that these activities act as a brain boosters.

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There is a lot of scientific data on the market that advises actively using your brain in a way that slows age-related memory loss. Some researchers even believe that new brain cell growth is possible in accordance with continued brain activity.

And along with exercise, incorporate Prevagen into your healthy-cognitive-function regime and join the millions of satisfied consumers who tout the benefits they experience with its use. After all, we look forward to the day when “senior moment” will actually refer to looking back in time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with your doctor prior to taking Prevagen. Prevagen doesn’t cure brain diseases or injuries.

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Grupo RBS and Its Imprint on Brazilian Media

Grupo RBS as a Leader in Brazilian Media

Grupo RBS, a media company based in Brazil, got its start in 1957 when Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho took his passion for communications and business and put it to work for him. Ever since, the company has grown to be a leader in printed media, television and radio communications. The company employs over 6,000 journalists, making it the second-largest employer in the country. The primary areas served include the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, although this has changed throughout the years to serve business needs. Most recently, e.Bricks Digital has taken on digital media for Grupo RBS and focuses on e-commerce. Chairman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is in charge of the operations at e.Bricks Digital and has long been recognized name in Brazilian media.

Affiliated Grupo RBS Companies and Current Holdings

According to meioemensagem, the company currently owns 12 television stations and double this amount in radio stations. Many affiliated businesses fall under the Grupo RBS umbrella of holdings and include the following companies:

  • HSM for media and events
  • Kzuka for young audience productions
  • RBS Publicações for printed material publications
  • Mídia Gráfica for printing
  • Vialog for logistics

These examples are only a sampling of the many organizations managed by Grupo RBS.

Charitable Contributions and Ethical Responsibility

RBS makes it clear that they’re a socially responsible company that cares about its customers and the country it’s proud to serve. The company uses six values to demonstrate these guiding principles, and they’re symbolized by an asterisk that is connected with a heart in the middle. These values range from having a passion for their work to doing what is right. Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho is a social trust that oversees many charitable campaigns of Grupo RBS. The two most notable campaigns throughout the years include: ‘Education Needs Answers’ and ‘Love is the Best Inheritance-Take Care of the Kids.’

The Future for Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS makes regular posts to its website and social media outlets to keep its consumers and associates informed. Check for more information, social media accounts and more.

Luke Lazarus Helps Others Find Success With Building Their Businesses

It isn’t easy to start a business but Luke Lazarus started up not only one business, but four. He is what some people call a serial entrepreneur as he has found success with all four of his businesses and has made a lot of money by selling them.

He could have continued to create businesses of his own and earn even more money but in his mid-thirties, he decided that he would rather do consulting and help those who were struggling to make it in the business world than to try to earn millions more for himself.

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Luke Lazarus knows a lot about what it takes to run a successful company and the advice that he gives to each of his clients is valuable. He teaches them how to approach investors and how to share their stories with everyone.

He says that having a talent for business isn’t good enough but that for an entrepreneur to make it, they need to have the right skills for it.

There are several things that he believes will help an entrepreneur to succeed, and they are systems, analysis, and the way that an entrepreneur feels about their brand and how they present it to others. He believes they need to have a connection to it and need to get their investors and consumers to feel that connection, as well.

Luke Lazarus says that it is important to be realistic about what is going on when working as an entrepreneur. He helps people learn about brand messaging and much more and teaches them how to work with investors. He knows how difficult it is to succeed in business but he gives people all of the help that they need so that they will have a good chance at it.

Luke Lazarus is never satisfied with where he is in his career but is always curious to learn more. He has been an entrepreneur nearly all of his life, starting his first business as a child, and he was well sought-after by colleges as a young man.

He attended Melbourne Business School in Australia, where he was raised, and he got started in the business world at the age of twenty-four. He worked quickly to build his four companies, which all became highly successful, and he has been able to do everything well in his career because of having balance in his life.

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He takes the time for the things that he loves, such as reading, and is better able to focus on his work because of it.

Connect with Luke Lazarus on LinkedIn and Follow on Instagram

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How CEO Barbara Stokes Makes A Difference

Barbara Stokes is the CEO that has a business that provides a lot of emergency help to those that are in need. Her Green Structure Homes of Alabama is in place to help people that may lose homes when disaster strikes. Her company has a headquarters in Alabama, but her home units are mobile. This allows Stokes to get her team in place to work with FEMA when emergency assistance is needed for people that have lost homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.


There are also military and school projects that may be in need of some of the units that this company has. This allows Barbara Stokes to build business relationships with an assortment of organizations. She likes the fact that her woman-owned business is getting recognized for the work that it does with government projects. Read more at Business Insider.


Barbara Stokes is often connected to multi-million dollar projects. She works vigorously to improve the business as she takes in feedback from the clients that utilize her units.


Oren Frank Points Out the Need for Attention to Mental Health

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank is a renowned personality in the mental health segment. Having started Talkspace as a remote therapy app in 2012, Frank has been able to help over 1 million people through the company’s behavioral therapy services. With registered psychotherapists being a few clicks away, Talkspace has made it easier than ever for people to reach out for help without having to physically visit a professional’s office.

That is why, when Oren Frank took the time to talk about the current state of mental health in the larger social setting and the improvements that still need to be made to help people optimally, it made for an important take coming from an experienced entity in the mental health segment.

Visit to learn more about Oren Frank.

In a post that he shared over his LinkedIn account, Oren Frank noticed that during the past few years, the discussion regarding mental health has taken a noticeable shift. Those who had been shy of speaking about their mental illness are getting more support than before in order to speak up and reach out for help. But as anyone attached with the mental health segment would tell you, there is still a long way to go.

Oren Frank pointed out that while the overall perspective towards mental health is changing, it is still a space that’s filled with social stigma. Most of the times, people don’t talk about the issues they are facing because they fear of judgment from society. On the other hand, those who receive the support and feel like they can speak about their symptoms are often hurdled healthcare costs.

Keeping these points in mind, Oren Frank mentioned that in order to provide optimal treatment for mental illness, we need to work on breaking the stigma as well as obstructions in terms of finances.


Extractive Trends In Africa With Boris Ivanov And GPB Global Resources B.V.

GPB Global Resources B.V., founded by Boris Ivanov, is a universal organization occupied with oil investigation and creation ventures. Following an all-inclusive rebuilding in 2011, GPB Global Resources B.V was shaped with Mr. Boris Ivanov as Founder and Managing Director. The firm is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has had critical achievement in creating oil generation openings in South American and Africa.

Africa comprises of 54 nations, with each displaying an exceptional legitimate condition identifying with the common assets industry. While Ethiopia has a lawful system dependent on universal accepted procedures, nations like Mozambique, having as of late found gaseous petrol don’t yet have an institutionalized legitimate structure or national enactment in regards to asset extraction. Outside administrative and legitimate obstacles, there are various physical difficulties for normal assets organizations in working together in Africa. These incorporate the way that assets are frequently found in remote areas, there can be a poor or nonexistent framework to help extraction and regularly the political atmosphere can be violent. An absence of foundation can make wellbeing and security issues for the two organizations and nearby networks thus fruitful government accomplices in the extractive business commonly account and create a framework in the territories where it is required the most. For GPB Global Resources B.V. this can incorporate structure streets, influence plants, water frameworks, and network improvement undertakings, for example, schools and wellbeing focus.


Boris Ivanov advocates that in this atmosphere extractive organizations must put more prominent accentuation on R&D and interests in innovation, both to adjust to another condition and to draw in the best ability. He has caused to notice the way that with more assets setting an accentuation on vitality sources that are not non-renewable energy sources, it is up to oil organizations to remain at the front line of innovation to stay fruitful.

Precise and convenient data is basic for the pioneer of any universal business and in the oil business, the greatest dangers to worldwide business can be in nearby clashes and national debates that undermine worldwide stock chains and disturb markets. Boris Ivanov Gazprom has expressed that for GPB Global Resources, keeping up data stream and making shared advantage is the most grounded reason for collaboration with neighborhood accomplices.

Check more about Boris Ivanov Gazprom:

Prevagen’s Tips For Improved Brain Health

As age sets in, the physical effects are often felt before the mental ones and are the focus of exercise and diets. However, the mental side effects of aging are just as important even if they are not recognized as quickly.

Along with the use of dietary supplements such as Prevagen, we think it is important to think of your mental health in your day to day life and activities.

Along with most aspects of health, it is crucial that you get at least some exercise each day to keep the body and brain operating at peak levels. Exercising promotes the formation and upkeep of small blood vessels that supply the brain with blood. Connections between neurons are also formed as a result.

Exercise should be supplemented with a healthy diet. Diets high in fruits, vegetables, plant based protein and unsaturated fat help to keep off or at least slow cognitive decline. There is also evidence that drinking plenty of water, green tea, and red wine are positive for the brain’s health.

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Though a moderate intake of red wine might be good for the brain, in the long run, less alcohol is better than more. Too much drinking can progress cognitive decline much faster and make an individual more likely of developing dementia. Smoking has also been shown to worsen or start problems in the brain.

In the end, the brain is made to respond to the world. That is its purpose and so naturally stimulation is one of the best ways of exercising the brain and keeping it strong throughout life.

Strategic games, socializing, and getting out into nature are just a few of the simplest ways to stimulate the brain in an enjoyable way. If hiking isn’t your favorite, then perhaps a game of chess or solitaire would be enough to give your brain a work out for the day. It is important to keep this mental work out regimen frequent and consistent.

At times, stimulation can actually be negative for the brain. Thinking about problems day in and day out has been shown to increase individuals’ chances of developing mental illnesses.

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To avoid too much stress in your daily life, it might be wise to ease the problems with calming activities such as meditating, doing yoga or simply breathing deeply. Sleeping can also aid in these efforts and are important to all aspects of your life.

With these simple methods, dietary supplements such as Prevagen have been shown in studies to improve memory, support healthy brain function and make thinking clearly more easy.

We recommend using a combination of all of these methods to give your brain the most support you possibly can. Age does not need to control anyone and consistent healthy habits can hopefully hold off the worst of the symptoms for years.

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Using the Teach to One Program for Math Learning

Math is often a difficult subject for a lot of kids. It’s something that some kids love and some simply don’t want to do on their own. Because of this, it is nice to have a program that you can use to keep the subject interesting. This is known as Teach to One, and it’s a math program that is currently being used by teachers all over the country. The way that the program works is by offering teachers unique daily lesson plans that they can use on their own. The plans are ideal for all types of learning, so you can customize them and integrate them into your very own classroom.

The beauty about using Teach to One is that it’s helpful for students who otherwise struggle to learn. These students may be having issues when it comes to keeping up with the classroom, but you don’t want to leave them behind. Teach to One allows them to learn at their own pace until they truly understand the subjects that are being taught. They can still collaborate with their classmates and work together to solve problems on a routine basis. There are no textbooks involved with the Teach to One platform, since there are a multitude of print-outs that kids can take advantage of each day.

You will love using Teach to One program to teach your classroom and will find it to be helpful for many different subject areas. Not only are the lesson plans created by industry experts, but they are tried and reviewed by teachers just like you. This means that you are able to use a program that works for you and provides you the options that you need to teach all types of students. To learn more about Teach to One and how the program works, it is a matter of simply going to their site and seeing what other people have had to say. You can get the program easily by signing up and incorporating it into your classroom when you feel it is time to change.

Hacks to Get You Back into Your Routine from Prevagen

Getting back to the routine after a long and lazy vacation is a struggle many people deal with.

As summer gets to its tail end, Prevagen has recommended several tips to help you get into your normal routine. The following are some of the easiest tips from the manufacturer of leading wellness products in the industry.

Set your bed-time and waking schedule

It is important to set a bed-time schedule as well as waking schedule to get started with your journey to get started with your journey on the right foot. You should try to adhere to the schedule at all costs.

Most likely you’ve been sleeping late and waking up late during your vacation. It is now time to break that chain and sleep early and wake up early regularly.

Make small steps until you arrive at the sweet sport. While you’re at it, it is important to make sure you’ve at least 7 hours of sound sleep.

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Plan your week ahead

As you start your week, start it off with a concrete plan. That way, you will have each day of the week under control knowing what to expect and to do. Obligations, appointments, and other events are supposed to be scheduled for fully in advance.

Additionally, you should not forget to include some free time for relaxing in your schedule. Lastly, your schedule should be as simple as possible in the first week as you get back on track.

Set time aside for relaxing

Some time for relaxing will help you deal with burn out that you might experience at the workplace as you get back into your routine.

It will be harder for you to stick to your routine when you’re stressed. Things can get off schedule but it helps to keep calm, stay relaxed, and be flexible enough to find your back into your routine.

Build your body

It is possible that you might have fallen behind with your gym routine and gained a few calories as you made merry during your vacation. Now that the vacation is almost over, it is time to get your body moving again.

You will need to start slow with sometime like a walk every morning as you progress toward your intense workout routine.

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Since you have been there before, you realize how important exercise is in your overall health. Exercise boosts your brain function and overall health. Exercise will make you feel energized and play a big role in your journey to get into your routine.

Who are Prevagen?

It is a big brand in the market of supplements. Prevagen’s biggest selling point is that it has the ability to improve memory loss in aging people.

Prevagen is safe to use. Its ingredient called apoaequorin which has been found to support brain function is safe and it has been certified by relevant authorities.

The brand has always been dedicated to supporting healthy living and it has demonstrated that in the development of its products. It recognizes that a healthy brain starts with a healthy lifestyle.

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