Why You need to be in good terms with Technology by Robert Deignan

Technology is an essential part of our lives, and it comes with all the good and evil. Robert Deignan has succeeded by using digital services to run his business. He serves as the CEO and co-founder of the ATS Company. Here, technology helps in the successful implementation of various projects. Robert, therefore, has some helpful tips around using digitization to your advantage.

For starters, technology is vital in discovering and learning new things that the brain can perceive. For instance, it has assisted the taxi drivers and other car owners in maneuvering the big cities using Google Maps. If people learned about the routes manually, it would take a long time. According to Robert Deignan, reading is the ultimate way that online presence can transform lives. Instead of spending the whole in unworthy sites, you can go through significant content to enlighten you.

Robert Deignan reiterates that technology is addictive, but you can overcome this by having a good relationship with it. It means that smartphones are bespoke to draw all your attention and focus. Despite that, you shouldn’t be too occupied to forget that life still goes on. For this reason, when you meet up with your friends or family, keep the phone away. This way, you can have meaningful conversations without checking the phone every second. You can bond during dinner or lunch and have fun without referring to the digital world.

Online sites are distractive at home and work as per Robert’s sentiments. Within one minute, you can switch from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes you find an employee pretending to be working yet they are chatting via LinkedIn. It shows that they have diverted from the common goal to social media, which is devastating. The preference is likely to decline since they dedicate less time to the job. Balancing the two is vital to have an ideal work and relaxing time.

Ultimately, Robert Deignan used technology to advance in his career, and you can emulate the same by having minimal screen time. You should try to use it to reap endless benefits as well as connect with your loved ones naturally.


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