White Shark Media’s Social Media Presence Helps With Complaints

The complaint department of many large companies is hidden within its bowels, and customers often have a difficult time getting a response. White Shark Media has bucked the trend by leaving its social media pages open for the world to see and use. Anyone who wishes to lodge a complaint against White Shark Media may do so at any time, and there are many social media pages to choose from. This article explains how White Shark Media allows customers to use Google Plus for complaints along with many other social networks.

#1: Several Social Networks To Choose From

White Shark Media has taken great care to leave many social networks open for use by its customers. Facebook, Yelp and Google Plus are all open for customers to use for communication, and White Shark Media checks every account on a daily basis. A short message left on a social media account is far preferable to a complaint form that takes nearly an hour to complete.

#2: What Is Unique About Google Plus?

Google Plus is the social network Google released long after Twitter and Facebook became popular, but Google Plus is a favorite of many users. Anyone who prefers to use Google Plus may send a note to White Shark Media through their Google Plus page, and White Shark Media will respond in due time. There is no need to sign up for a new social network just to file a complaint.

#3: Complaints Are Handled Quickly

Every complaint lodged against White Shark Media receives immediate attention that may include communication through social media. White Shark Media does not force its customers to use a form of communication that is uncomfortable, and customers may continue to work with White Shark through their social media accounts. Anyone who does not have time to deal with a complaint in the traditional manner may handle it quickly with White Shark through social media.

#4: Why Is This Plan Effective?

White Shark Media has created a complaint system that anyone can use. Their company reaches out to consumers in a manner that has no pretense, and the company allows for easy communication after the complaint is heard. The stress of the complaint system has been eliminated for every customer, and the customers who are particularly nervous about their complaints will feel the environment is less sanitized once they begin talking to White Shark about the problem.

White Shark Media has opened itself up to communication through social networks as a way of handling complaints. Their desire to simplify customer service makes their company a desirable partner for all businesses and individuals. Using Google Plus simply helps people who would prefer to use that network an opportunity to get in touch.

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