Top paid Citadel’s Hedge Fund Manager Profile: Ken Griffin

Kenneth C. Griffin is an American hedge manager and the proud owner and the CEO of the multibillion dollar hedge fund company Citadel. He was born on the 15th of October 1968 in Dayton Beach, Florida. After joining Harvard University to pursue a degree in economics, Ken Griffin on citadel developed interest in hedge fund and its management after he came across a Forbes magazine article and read it. His interest pushed him and by his second academic year at university he had already founded and established a hedge fund that was dedicated to convertible bond arbitrage. Lacking enough capital to start and finance the hedge fund, Griffin borrowed money from family and friends. His grandmother gave him her lifetime savings that totaled up to $265,000. This wasn’t enough. He needed technology so as to keep track and updated of the real time statistics market data. For this reason, he installed am makeshift satellite-like device in his residence to serve him. He then launched a second fund in 1987 that managed about $1 million. In 1989, he completed his bachelors from Harvard University and graduated with a distinction.

Ken Griffin manages an alternative investment management company, Citadel that is considered as being one of the largest and highly profitable in the world. Citadel is estimated to be having assets and capital that are over $26 billion in total. The 2012’s most paid hedge fund manager and household name in Forbes 400, a New York investor, Frank Meyer provided Griffin with funding of $1 million make an investment in hedge funding. After accumulating funds to a tune of $4. 6 million, he founded Citadel in 1990. Through consistency in the business, Citadel grew to having more than $1 billion investment and over 100 employees who were experienced and highly skilled. At the age of 34, he appeared on the Forbes list and being the youngest ever to appear and was valued at $650 million. Fortune magazine too enlisted Griffin as being 35th in America among the self-made young and wealthy category who are below forty years in 2004. In March 2015, the Great Places to Work Institute awarded Citadel as the best workplaces in the finance industry in America.

Recently, he hit many newspaper headlines by making a historic donation of $150 million to his former college, Harvard University’s Financial Aid Office. To honor the historic donation and the level of generosity that the alumni had portrayed, the Financial Aid Office was renamed to Ken Griffin ’89. The donation is meant to finance and brilliant Harvard University students. Although the donation was historic, it was not the first time he was supporting the institution. He had supported it since 1999 and established a scholarship for honoring his father named Wayne Gratz Scholarship. The 45-year-old is supports educational causes and a member of community guided organizations like Commercial Club of Chicago and Economic Club of Chicago. Griffin loves art and contemporary cultural centres through his support for Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Institute of Chicago. The father of three is estimated to be worth $6.6 billion, according to statistics and Forbes ranking of May 2015.

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