Times Are Hard for Venezuela

There is a high level of desperation in Venezuela as the government seems like it has lost all control. In a report by local station, El Venezolano, businesses and government offices are closed at least two days a week in an effort to save electricity. Schools have been shut down to save electricity as well. Water is being rationed, and there is a shortage of food. People who live in the state are desperate, resorting to crime to try to get the basic necessities. Patients are dying in hospitals because of a lack of medications. The government has seemed to fail the people of Venezuela like Daivd. Officials don’t appear to be taking any kind of responsibility. They are simply letting the people of the state fall further into a dark hole with no hope of being rescued. These are people who need help, and they need it fast just to survive in a time when they shouldn’t have to worry about basic needs.

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