The way IC Systems Works

There are plenty good things to say about IC Systems. But, the best place to start the list is with its history. The long and short of that tale boils down to three generations of family members taking over where their predecessors leave off.

It is all thanks to Ruth and Jack Erickson whose names and dedication still play a part in the daily operations of business. And as the years past while time marches on toward progress, IC Systems keeps up with the pace of life and the latest technologies. This is true whether the subject involves upgrading the office with the latest tools such as switching PC for typewriters or staying in line with regulations like CFPB or TCPA.

The simple fact is that conducting commerce in the collections industry presents a myriad of challenges and rewards. And to thrive within the field, a business has to have more than just a good headstart and game plan. There have to be core values set in place.

The core values that act as a cornerstone to every component in the IC Systems are flawless. They ensure that clients receive the best service and value for their patronage. These values begin, as they always have, with the fair treatment people, which include respect and dignity. From there, integrity pushes the team to reach new and excellent levels of performance. After all of these accomplishments are achieved every working day, the entire team takes pride in the innovations made for clients.

These core values are not just something framed and mounted on the office walls. In fact, team members have Core Value Awards where they can officially acknowledge one another for all the deeds performed throughout the year. But, the good deeds of IC Systems do not stop at the workplace.

Community is very important to this family-owned company. To this end, the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO), which operates in house, investigates everywhere it can to determine the best way to distribute company donated funds. Some of the charities to benefit from ECHO are Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, Special Olympics Wisconsin and White Bear Lake Food Shelf, just to name a few (Indeed).


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