The Many Hats Of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is a very influential person known in the world of oil and gas, waste management and other industries as well. His father started Gulf Coast Western company during the year 1970. By the time Matthew Fleeger graduated college, he was equipped with the foundation to jumpstart his career. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Matt spent his time working numerous jobs throughout the area Texas. All of these positions were held in the oil and gas industry. After proving himself to be a worthy asset for his father‘s company and other businesses he worked for, Matthew established his own company; MedSolutions. This company was founded in 1993 and serves as a waste management entity. Through the work and dedication of Matthew Fleeger, MedSolutions became a regional leader within its industry. He continued to build the business and eventually sold it to the industry’s waste management leader, Stericycle. The sale of MedSolutions earned Matthew a reported $59 million. The work that he completed here illustrated that he could efficiently start a business and build it into a profitable force.

After selling MedSolutions to Stericyle, he made his way back to the Oil and gas industry. This time he was the president and Chief Executive Officer Of Gulf Coast Western. The role that Matthew took on in this company sees him orchestrating acquisitions, dealing with mergers and general partnerships; amongst the many other duties.

If waste management and the oil industry weren’t enough, he has also had an abundance of success in the tanning industry. Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan are both companies that he helped establish. These two respective tanning companies has seen revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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