The Future Of Hollywood is At Hand


Every year we are treated to more and more Hollywood productions. We get to see the Stars at their best. But as each year passes we also lose some of those talented actors. Some of those deaths are due to old age while others are tragic and unexpected. One of those occurred on February 2, 2014 when actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead from an apparent drug overdose, and unfortunately becomes another member of the celebrity morgue. The actor had a very prominent career with many great roles. His funeral was attended by many famous actors and was even shrouded in controversy due to a retailer trying to promote their product.


Another actor who has lived a very long life filled with many roles in film is Gene Hackman. The 86-year old’s career spanned five decades with his last movie done in 2004. Though still alive, he may not be around much longer. His is well known for his passionate often volatile acting that brought his characters to life.


Another actress who comes from the same vein of acting as Gene Hackman is Kate Winslet. She has been able to adapt her style over 20-years to make her roles as life-like as she can. Her career was launched by the mega success of Titanic.


Though not as rehearsed a thespian but comparable to Kate Winslet sexy appeal, Sofia Vergara is becoming an icon on both the big screen and the small screen. She is probably more know for her thick Hispanic accent and salacious good looks, but she is quickly establishing herself as a versatile actress.

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