The Career Journey of Ashley Lightspeed

When Ashley Lightspeed was growing up, she always wanted to be an architect because her father was one. She always loved to sit at the drafting table in their garage and sketch some ideas. When she was not sketching the ideas that were running in her head, she was busy being creative and building some things. In short, Ashley loved prototyping. When she was studying in Copenhagen, she learned that she preferred prototyping to building the things that she used to. After graduating, she started her career as a consultant at Bain.

After working for some years at Bain, Ashley Lightspeed felt that she wanted to do more operational work. She also wanted to go for adventures and explore the unique and exciting Silicon Valley. Therefore, she decided to join the product team of Thumbtack, where she worked as a Category Manager. Here, she was responsible for improving the customer growth and experience within the Weddings and Events categories. See Related Article at

From just running some simulations with the clients she was dealing with at Bain to dealing with great products ideas at Thumbtack, she has used her prototyping skill to help her gather enough feedback and enhance concepts and products in her entire career. Ashley believes that prototyping is a crucial tool for every entrepreneur as it helps you to come up with ideas fast and implement them even faster.

Ashley got her first exposure to venture capital when she was working on a certain fundraising pitch deck. At that time, she was working at Thumbtack. She eventually left to study after working for some years at Thumbtack while still planning to start her own company and doing different consulting projects for new companies in the industry. She says that doing those projects helped her to improve her skills and increase her professional experience.


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