Karl Heideck on Salary History Law in Philadelphia

The employee’s salary disclosure law which was passed in the city of Philadelphia is one of the most talked about laws to be passed in the recent past. The law which was enacted at the beginning of 2017 has been the talk of the town for some time now. The law ban potential employers from accessing the salary history of a potential employee. Philadelphia was to become the first city in the United States to pass such a law. According to a leading lawyer in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck, the law was seen as controversial initially since many employers perceived it as a measure by the state to prevent them from getting access to the information of the person they would like to hire. The law, however, received a lot of support from workers unions. According to workers unions, the law was put in place as a measure that would protect employees’ right to privacy while at the same time creating a tradition of transparency that for a long time have been missing from the hiring processes.

In one of his blog articles, Karl Heideck explained the entire law and the reasons why it was passed. According to him, the law was passed as a measure to address a discriminatory behavior that was in the hiring process for a long time. There existed a gap between the pay for men and women in the same profession. Women were usually offered a lesser pay than their male counterparts. Many employers were only willing to add a particular percentage of the previous salaries of women in the State. The increase used to be less than the one offered to men. According to statistics, more men have the advantage of starting jobs at a higher pay than their female colleagues for the same job description.

It has been a tradition of the employers to ask about the amount that a potential employee used to receive in the previous job. Applicants who refused to reveal their earlier pay were deemed to have not met the required qualifications for being offered a job opportunity.

Karl Heideck

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