Status Labs: Reputation Management Like No Other

In today’s fast-paced electronic age, there is only one company with the ingenuity to protect and repair people’s reputation with the same speed and awareness that it takes to download information. That company is Status Labs. Created by two brilliant people, Darius Fisher, who is the current President and CEO, and Jeff Boskoff, Status Labs is staffed by public relations experts who are adept at sensing the pulse and emerging needs of the current high-tech generation.

Founded as recently as 2011, the company is serving more than 1,000 clients worldwide. Their clients are top-notch. It includes corporations as big as Unilever and Verizon.

No existing firm provides the same computerized assistance when it comes digital reputation management. With offices in Austin, Texas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York, New York, Status Labs has been favorably featured by reputable British and American newspapers such as The Observer, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and US News and World Report.

Employing the service of Status Labs is like having an army of public relations people at your disposal. Think about how the print media, radio and television have been surpassed by the rapid power of the Internet to spread and disseminate information around the world. These days, all someone (and that someone could be your future boss, customer and backer) has to do is use Google to find out the latest news about anyone or anything in particular. Organizations, artists and public figures need a way to handle and control information about them. Damaging reputation leads to setbacks such as loss of profit, contract, funding or employment. Status Labs’ digital marketing the only company poised to prevent this.

If you are a celebrity, you will benefit greatly from the advice of these savvy people. Take advantage of their current and free promotional facelift to celebrities. Their website at contains information on how to get in touch with them.

Status Labs will do many good things for you. You can expect them to always keep with your online presence. This means that the first Google search results about you are always positive and complimentary. Their search optimization experts will drive traffic to sites that make you look good. Status Labs will guarantee that your online presence, which is valuable to your success will present you in the best light. You will also be notified every month about the progress of their work with your image.

The company will tailor favorable information about you and move all negative information to the end of any Google search. Doing business with Status Labs is tantamount to having your own public relations office. They will manage your social media information 24/7. Without Status Labs, you would have to create your own department just to handle the overwhelming number of social media.

Status Labs also offers advice when it comes to financial changes and other marketing campaigns. Contact them, you have nothing to lose. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more.

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