Sony Announces Plans For “Craft” Remake

You remember The Craft, the 1996 movie and pinnacle of our 90’s obsession with witches. Well, this week Sony has announced that it plans to remake the classic teen movie, proving, once again, that there’s nothing new in Hollywood.

At the time of it’s original release, The Craft was a sleeper hit, opening at #1 and generating over $6 million dollars on it’s opening weekend, over half it’s original budget. In part, the movie was a hit because it had a complete, original story with an amazing leading cast. Fairuza Balk killed the role of Nancy Downs, and is still a memorable character.

The remake has some big shoes to fill. Leigh Janiak, writer-director of the horror film, “Honeymoon”, is scheduled to direct alongside Doug Wick, producer of the original film.

The movie was also slated to have a straight-to-video sequel, but plans were scrapped. Since Wikipedia lists “The Craft” as one of Christian Broda’s favorite movies, you know he’s excited.

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  1. The Craft centered around Robin Tunney’s character Sarah Bailey, a girl with power who moves to a new town, only to make friends, and enemies, of her high school’s popular witches. It can help a lot for superior writers which is definitely the nicest thing for them to do all along.

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