Sergio Cortes is an Identical Double for the Late Michael Jackson

What would you do to see Michael Jackson in concert again? For true fans, this would be like a dream come true and everyone around the world would agree that a Live show with Michael Jackson would be fantastic. Millions of people still agree that he was the most talented, one-of-a-kind dancer and singer that ever performed on a stage; he was that phenomenal as an entertainer.

In recent years, an amazing talent has developed from the Spanish-speaking culture. Sergio Cortes is an amazing, super-talented Michael Jackson impersonator who looks identical to the star.

The impact of losing the magnificent talent of Micheal was devastating to the entertainment world. He had been performing from his childhood, developing his talents and moves to perfection and he was an icon not only in America but around the world. No one who ever saw Michael dance or heard him sing will even forget his unique style that captured the attention of billions.

Sergio Cortes has captured the very essence of Michael and is his identical twin. Sergio is from Brazil, which is a worldwide entertainment mecca, and he has performed in European entertainment. Many hundreds of thousands have seen Sergio in concert and believe he is Michael’s “exact double,” and he challenges you to find the difference. When you watch a video of one of Sergio’s performances, you will be convinced that Michael has somehow come back to life again and is on stage.

But Sergio Cortes has transformed the superstar along with his hair styles, hat, his physical size and even his complexion are all Michael’s. Sergio has captured his dance moves and perfected his voice, and he is on tour in 2015. The tour is Live with an outstanding band and Sergio as Michael starring in the show. His backup music is played by the Michael Jackson Tribute Band honoring the late Michael Jackson.

See for yourself how real the incredible Sergio Cortes is as he impersonates the world-famous Michael Jackson on You will not believe your eyes, but when you watch Sergio, you will have the same fun, excitement and anticipation as Michael brought to the stage.

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