Securus Technologies Releases Documentation Regarding Global Tel Link Wrongdoings

Inmate telecommunications provider Securus has just released a report — the first in a series — regarding the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s investigation of Global Tel Link (GTL).

According to a 1998 report, GTL has engaged in a series of wrongdoings and security breaches that has cost Louisiana taxpayers in excess of $1.2 million.

Securus will release a series of reports over the next several weeks highlighting the wrongdoings in an effort to embarrass GTL into changing their ways. GTL has yet to respond to Securus’ actions.

“Our industry has some bad apples that need to be exposed. These charges gives our entire industry a black eye,” said Securus CEO Rick Smith. Although the reports are from the 1990s, Smith says he has reason to believe that the wrongdoings are still going on.

According to the Louisiana Public Service Commission, GTL has thousands of complaints filed against them by customers. The company currently has a contract with all of the prisons within the state of Louisiana. They are one of the largest such telecommunications contractors in the U.S.

According to Smith, many of the complaints against GTL have fallen on deaf ears. And the bad part about it is, most of the people who have been gouged are the ones who can ill afford it.

Some of the worst violations against GTL include unlawful clock advancing to give the false impression that a call is longer than it actually is, repetitive double billing of customers, unlawfully ignoring FCC regulated caps that were sanctioned to make calls more affordable and unlawfully adding on services that were not requested by client.

“The violations were deliberate,” according to a Louisiana Public Service Commission spokesperson.

Dallas-based Securus Technologies offers telecommunications and security products for many law enforcement and correctional facilities throughout the nation.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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