Securus Technologies, a Leader in Criminal Justice Solutions

There are quite a few providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, and Securus Technologies stands out in this field. A considerable number of correctional facilities are increasingly embracing technology to solve and prevent crimes. The Chief Executive Officer for Securus states that they develop a new product almost weekly that helps solve and prevent crimes. Because of this, they have received a lot of messages from people who have benefited from their products showing appreciation of the services they provide.


I will sample some of the comments and emails received. A corrupt official was recently apprehended because of the assistance authorities got from Securus technology. Securus was able to provide phone call records which made it possible to obtain a warrant to arrest the official. In another facility, monitoring calls exposed alcohol use and drug selling in the facility. Other crimes were also exposed here, including money transfer and an incident involving shots in the facility. All this would go undetected without the monitoring technology of Securus Technologies.


Technologies developed by the company were also cited as the reason for the improved security posture in some facilities. The reporting data has improved their agencies ability to combat circulation of contraband in different institutions. One of the most famous cases that Securus helped to solve was when an inmate was coaching his sibling on what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. This information went a long way in solving the case easily.


The LBS services offered by Securus Technologies along with other resources helped a Sherriff’s department recover millions of illegal assets, drugs, and cash. Without the LBS it would have been impossible to retrieve the items. The LBS has been attributed to setting Securus Technologies apart from other players in the industry, making it the leading jail phone provider.


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