Robert Downey Jr., P.T. Anderson’s “Pinocchio”

Warner Bros. is planning a live action adaptation of the classic story Pinocchio, and Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly attached to play both Geppetto and Pinocchio himself. Now it seems that P.T. Anderson is working on a rewrite of the script, with the possibility of directing the movie as well.

The project was originally announced in 2012, but word has been quiet since then, perhaps due to Downey’s many obligations with Marvel Studios (owned by Warner Bros.’ rival Disney). The original script was done by Michael Mitnick, who wrote the recent film adaptation of The Giver.

TechCrunch also stated that this comes at a time when live action adaptations of fairy tales are becoming a trend. Disney is currently doing so with many of its classic animated features, including this year’s Cinderella and a Beauty and the Beast already in progress. Universal has jumped on the bandwagon with plans for a Little Mermaid film. Indeed, this project isn’t even the only Pinocchio adaptation announced in recent years, though it’s unclear if Guillermo del Toro’s stop motion movie or Shawn Levy’s prequel The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto are likely to go through.

Will this story about “becoming a real boy” work as well in real life as in a cartoon? For that matter, will any of these fairy tales? We’ll have to wait and see.

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