Reputation Management A Must For Any Business Today

In todays day and age it is very important what it says about a business online. Most people have access to the internet and perform most of their research and fact finding using the world wide web as their tool. For this very reason if business’s want to be successful they need to ensure that their reputation online is positive and does not frighten away potential or existing customers. One expert on this matter is Don Sorensen. Don is the owner of a technology company known as Big Blue Robot. During an interview on, Don explains some of the steps business’s or brands can take to ensure their business remains profitable by ensuring that the reputation online remains positive.

One of the important steps to consider is to own multiple domains. Don recommends business’s and brands buy up brand domain names. If the business name or brand name is not available to purchase the owner can simply use simple variations of the name and brand. Don also recommends that the domain extensions are also bought up. Extensions such as .org, .com or .net. This ensures that other competitors cannot pick the name and mislead from your business or brand name. Another very effective tool is to buy up exact domain names which when searched link up to the business or brand. An example would be a motorbike retailer based in New York. This retailer would buy domain names such as In this way the Google search results would direct the user to your product or brand. Using will assist in cleaning up bad news online and finding out exactly what users will search for when looking for the product or service that is provided. In this way the business or brand owner can find a suitable domain name.

Companies such as is a professional service that can clean up negative news and assist anyone in the management of online reputation. Many companies and brands today need to ensure their product or service is seen in a positive light online and there are many ways to approach this.

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