The way IC Systems Works

There are plenty good things to say about IC Systems. But, the best place to start the list is with its history. The long and short of that tale boils down to three generations of family members taking over where their predecessors leave off.

It is all thanks to Ruth and Jack Erickson whose names and dedication still play a part in the daily operations of business. And as the years past while time marches on toward progress, IC Systems keeps up with the pace of life and the latest technologies. This is true whether the subject involves upgrading the office with the latest tools such as switching PC for typewriters or staying in line with regulations like CFPB or TCPA.

The simple fact is that conducting commerce in the collections industry presents a myriad of challenges and rewards. And to thrive within the field, a business has to have more than just a good headstart and game plan. There have to be core values set in place.

The core values that act as a cornerstone to every component in the IC Systems are flawless. They ensure that clients receive the best service and value for their patronage. These values begin, as they always have, with the fair treatment people, which include respect and dignity. From there, integrity pushes the team to reach new and excellent levels of performance. After all of these accomplishments are achieved every working day, the entire team takes pride in the innovations made for clients.

These core values are not just something framed and mounted on the office walls. In fact, team members have Core Value Awards where they can officially acknowledge one another for all the deeds performed throughout the year. But, the good deeds of IC Systems do not stop at the workplace.

Community is very important to this family-owned company. To this end, the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO), which operates in house, investigates everywhere it can to determine the best way to distribute company donated funds. Some of the charities to benefit from ECHO are Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, Special Olympics Wisconsin and White Bear Lake Food Shelf, just to name a few (Indeed).


Political Campaign Transparency and Strategy Using NGP VAN

A proper campaign strategy and accountability are critical to ensuring success at both national and local political level. The fundraising activity contains a lot of data that needs to be managed properly. One of the tools that can be used to streamline a successful political campaign is NGP VAN. The company has created a system that helps in managing large information which if left unmonitored can jeopardize campaign progress.


Political campaigns are becoming expensive, candidates are spending more. A report established in 2016 showed that the winning candidates in the Senate spent averagely $10.4 while $1.5was the average expenditure by the winning candidate in the House of Representatives. Therefore, tools provided by NGP VAN become important in monitoring campaign spending within the increasingly competitive environment in politics.



NGP VAN has established itself as a leading technological solution for non-profit organizations, Democratic and Progressive campaigns. For instance, major Democratic campaign such president Obama and Clintons team have used digital 8, VAN and NGP to organize their campaign data. One of the best areas they have exploited is digital fundraising. NGP VAN has been able to increase accountability by coming up with a platform where donors can have a long-lasting impact on the fundraising kit and also be able to monitor the progress. At the same time, those seeking donation can use the tool to reach as many people as possible. In addition, the technological use by the company has helped the company to find a way to reach to people without referencing political donation as a charity rather than a political contribution based on individual political opinion and goals.


One of their important developments is the software that manages donor data and also helps donors and campaign team to monitor financial progress. It is clear that at times a small error in financial management can result in a huge political scandal, having an oversight tool like the ones provided by NGP VAN is vital. Another benefit of the NGP VAN software is their ability to analyze data spot trends that can help manage the cost of the campaign. With such a tool, the campaign team has enough knowledge on how best to distribute their resources.

Finally, in the digital age, campaigners can easily access their supporters. NGP VAN tools help the team to reach out to sponsors more easily and encourage them to offer their support in a long-term campaign strategy. And most of all, donors are given the opportunity to monitor how their money is spent which encourages transparency.


Penn Comments on #MeToo In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has been in hot water before. In fact he seems to percolate most of the time, and then do something that causes the pot to boil over. The noted actor, correspondent, director, philanthropist, and animated bird grunter has built up quite the resume for himself over the years. Now he is adding column to that resume with the release of his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. Citing disenchantment with the film world, Penn has decided to try his hand at writing a novel. So far Bob Honey is doing well, even though many critics are panning it. The novel is described as a satire, and takes jabs at many topics. Foremost among them the Trump administration and #MeToo. It is Penn’s comments about #MeToo that have currently caused the pot to boil over.

Penn does not pull punches in his new book. He likens Trump, who he refers to as the Landlord, to all four horsemen of the apocalypse. The book focuses on subjects of political frustration. It follows the exploits of septic tank salesmen turned assassin Bob Honey. Penn is well-known for his political activism. He is also among the Hollywood contingent that speaks out against the Trump administration. Naturally he would take aim at Trump within the pages of his novel, but no one expected a critique of the #MeToo movement.

The critique is in the form of a six-page poem that compares #MeToo to a playground battle. It claims that #MeToo takes subjects like rape and sexual misconduct, and infantilizes them, but a lot of activists thinks it helps the cause. Media outlets like Rolling Stone and the New York Times have already criticized Penn for his comments, but Penn does not appear to care. According to him it is a satire and every reader will take away what they want to. In face, Penn says the poem encourages movements for social equality, depending if you read it a certain way. This is not the first time the actor has criticized the #MeToo movement. Penn believes that any movement for social equality needs to focus on inclusion, and that if a movement uses its position to birth division it is just taking a step back.

From Truck Driver to Philanthropist: Perry Mandera’s Journey

Perry Mandera has lived a fascinating life up to this point, and he currently sits in a comfortable position. Not only has he achieved an incredibly high level of personal success, but he has also found a way to give back to the community and causes he believes in. For most, this sounds like an ideal scenario. After all, what more could one want than to experience success and make an impact? While Perry Mandera has taken a long road to get where he is today, the path he has taken is clear. Through hard work and perseverance, Mandera is now able to live the life that most can only dream of.

Shortly after finishing high school, Mandera decided to join the Marine Reserves. In the Marines, he found himself within the motor pool, and it was here that he first learned how to drive a truck. While Perry Mandera would later move on from the Marines after an honorable discharge, seeing the effects of his time within the military is easy. Clearly, his time in the motor pool sparked a passion between Mandera and transportation, as his next move was working in the transportation industry. Mandera both worked for many companies and eventually started his own, but his final move in the industry was The Custom Companies Inc. From a business perspective, this is Perry Mandera’s biggest accomplishment. To this day, Custom Companies Inc. serves a vast clientele, including both big and small companies. Through all of his work and achievements, Mandera was given the recognition of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association (

But despite his massive success in the realm of transportation, Mandera has more to his story. His charity efforts stretch wide, and he and his company have offered support to many different organizations. As a specific example, Perry Mandera, and his company, offered transportation and gave away thousands of winter coats to the Chicago area. Mandera grew up in Chicago, and seeing this level of passion for his home area is inspirational. However, Mandera always reaches beyond Chicago, and he actually provided great support to those who suffered from Hurricane Katrina. These are just a couple of examples, and Mandera and Custom Companies Inc. are always on the look out for ways to help out. There is no doubt that Perry Mandera uses his platform excellently, and his passion for both transportation and people has manifested in a truly spectacular way.


The Narrative to Success; Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is an established author and investor whose ideas are widely in use across a spectrum of industry. He is a prolific author and has several books that are widely read for purposes of inspiration. Vijay Eswaran is an inspirational speaker who uses his own life as an example to inspire and motivate others to rise from the ashes and chart their way towards success. Some of the most progressive yet astounding ideas that Vijay Eswaran proposes are captured in his publications and books such as Two Minutes from the Abyss and 3 Ways Fear Drives Success.

Life Is Temporary; But Do We Remember?

Through his characteristic storytelling approach to dissect life situations and extract the truth, Vijay Eswaran explains that although life is short, humans live and behave as if they are immortal. He observes that tomorrow is never promised. So everyone should lie knowing that today could be the last day on earth for everyone. Mr. Vijay Eswaran Explains the pillars that can help to manage life motivate and inspire people to live the now as best they can because there is no guarantee that they will be there tomorrow. In an analogy in his book, he says that a monk directed a smile at him and asked rhetorically whether they were not just a couple of minutes from the abyss. He says that his book’s title is inspired by what the Tibetan monk told him on that encounter. He stopped and mused over the statement and arrived at the realities of human vanity and ignorance.

Strikingly, Vijay observes that the same truth expressed by the monk is recorded to have used by the various most fearless warriors across continents such as the Gorkhas from Nepal, the Lakota Indians from Northern America, the Comanche warriors and the Tuaregs of Morrocco. He says that a close scrutiny reveals their use of various variations of the same statement in prayer, chants and ear songs as the case may have been. Some put it as blatantly as it gets and greeted each other with eh expression to the effect that the day was a good one to die. Vijay points out that it is until such time that we shall acknowledge the truth behind that state of affairs that we shall begin to live the full stretch of human potential.

How Fear Drives people to Succeed

In his other book called 3Ways Fear Drives Success, Vijay Eswaran says that fear can inspire some people to achieve way beyond what they ever imagined while it also extinguishes the potential in others. He uses a quote from one of the former first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt who said that people should do one thing that scares them every day. He says that when human embrace fear and seek to learn from it, their dreams are provided with the fuel to drive further, jump higher and achieve more.

Jason Hope’s Major Collaboration with SENS Research Foundation

What does the future mean to you? There are so many different things that you probably want to do, and there never seems to be enough time. What if you had the option of more time and what if there was research being conducted right now that could make that an option in the future? If you are intrigued by any of this, there is no doubt that you would find the work being done by the SENS Research Foundation quite titillating. Everyone worries about the effects of aging, but no one has understood how to stop it. The SENS Research Foundation wants to be able to say that they have completed pioneering research into this phenomenon and come out of the other side with a solid solution to the problem.

To do such work, foundations like SENS need sizable donations from donors. Since it is non-profit there is no chance that it will generate the income that it needs for research completely on its own. This is where entrepreneurs like Jason Hope come to the rescue. Hope saw the work that SENS was doing and appreciated the huge amount of potential there. He dedicated more than $500,000 worth of his own personal wealth to furthering scientific understanding of the aging process. His funding will go to support diseases that are caused by arterial hardening. Since heart disease is such a major killer all around the world, his decision to give will have a major impact on many people. “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging highlights some of the praise that Hope has received for his significant work with the foundation. Jason Hope believes that while the present is important, the future is where everyone should be looking.

The reason Jason Hope is so invested in the future is that he has earned a major reputation as a futurist. He knows what technologies are poised to take over and where he should invest his money. It has allowed him to grow a substantial portfolio and ensured him a lot of respect in his field. He is so committed to helping individuals step into the future that he has even written literature on the concept of growing technologies. With his recent donation, it seems as though he is taken a big interest in the biotechnology field, but he is always being interested in anti-aging research. Hope will continue to be a major advocate for SENS’s research.

Jason Hope info:

How Southridge Capital Helps Companies Enhance Their Financial Services

One of the challenges most public companies face today is finances. While some companies are looking for finances to kick off, others are seeking advice on the finances they already have to function properly. So any individual or company offering financial solutions becomes a great source of help to the companies with financial issues. Southridge Capital LCC has become a financial solution to most people and companies today. It offers structured and advisory finance to the companies in need. With the wide range of innovative financial solutions, Southridge Capital offers, many clients are able to meet their needs.

The executive team you find at Southridge Capital has an intuitive and deep understanding of the current financial problems and the marketplace. The team is dedicated to providing its clients with the financial plans they have and also show them how to execute them. Since 1996, Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion to help other companies grow globally. This company knows the challenges the growing companies are likely to face and this is why it offers financial support to them so that they don’t collapse. Southridge Capital is known to have financed more than 250 public companies so far and this isn’t the end of doing so.

The company understands that there are many operational and financial assumptions the companies are likely to come across. For this reason, it comes up with financial statements that are projected, detailed and highly designed to ensure the public companies solve their financial hurdles. Besides offering financial analysis services, Southridge Capital also offers balance sheet optimization services to help the companies balance their equity and debt to achieve the desired results. You can visit for more details.

Southridge is known to nurture its social responsibility in a great way with the aim of demonstrating its informal and formal philanthropy to its clients. This company promotes philanthropy, community leadership, and volunteer work. It believes that these are some of the pillars that strengthen and improve the public companies. Southridge Capital has collaborated with Daystar Foundation to offer financial solutions to organizations such as the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, LounsBury House, Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship and Ridgefield Community Center. For more details you can check out


The RealReal: Luxury Revamped!

“The RealReal has revamped luxury as we know it today. The RealReal specializes in authenticated second-hand apparel, house goods, jewelry, and artwork. The luxury brand business is led by Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright. The consigner is in preparation mode of seeking $100 million in new funding. The company successfully raised more than $170 million 7 years ago, since inception.

The resale business started out as an online store that initially sold upscale women’s fashion labels from Louis Vuitton to Cavalli. Sellers or consignors ship merchandise into the company for the purpose of a sale. Once sold, the company and the seller share the profits. The RealReal eventually migrated to selling jewelry, art, home decorations, and menswear as well. The RealReal positioned safeguards in place to ensure that their customers receive veritable merchandise. They increased their staff to include brand authenticators, jewelers, art specialists, and other verifiers. The company launched its first brick and mortar store in bustling New York City. The Soho flagship store offers a high-end shopping experience for its customers. The shop has included a quaint refreshment cafe and an in-store flower shop. Their Soho boutique offers free evaluations and allows consignors an opportunity to drop off sale items.

It still is somewhat unclear as to why the company is looking to gain more capital. The luxury second-hand industry is booming, so the company is on-track with leveraging funds to promote further endeavors. The RealReal is incomparable in their business model structure. They offer much more than apparel and supports their merchandise 100% via authentication methods.

Initially, the RealReal did not encounter acceptance from any of the leading luxury brands in the marketplace. Today, those same brands garner excitement for the long-standing consignor. They now view the RealReal as a springboard to higher annual sales and revenue. Customers from the RealReal eventually purchase items under the same brand umbrella. They love the brand and item so much, that they end up buying from the high-end retailer as well.

The RealReal gain much of their awareness via pop-up store campaigns. This is where they test run their concept in a temporary location for a said amount of time. The strategy gives them an idea of where to target sales, and if a new store would do well in a particular geographic location. It is not clear what path to further success CEO Julie Wainwright will take, but thus far, she is clearly moving in the right direction.”

Is The Academy of Art University The Real Deal

Some of the finest higher-learning institutions are the schools for the arts. Students will get a chance to sharpen their skills in a wide variety of artistic subjects, have a chance to earn multiple accreditations and get a chance to receive some of the best education that money can buy. Yes, Academy of Art University is a for-profit school, but this monetary investment can potentially help you excel to higher levels down the road. In most cases, it takes money to make money. The Academy of Art University can be found in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. To get a straight shot to the university, try taking the affluent New Montgomery Street. The school is one of the biggest property owners in the city.


When it comes to leaving a lasting impact on society, feature films ranks high on the list. These visual stories are designed to envelop the audience by implementing the audience into the actual film. A good film can make the viewer feel as if he/she was entrenched into the film itself. The Academy of Art University just so happens to have its fair share of Oscar wins. At the 2018 Academy Awards, an alumni of this specific school was honored for his work on the highly successful film “Cocoa.” Daniel Arriaga, senior director at Pixar Animation Studios, played a part of this big win. The film displayed gorgeous animation in 2D, and it’s music was the icing on the cake.


The Academy of Art University also has other Oscar wins in a number of fields such as illustration, visual effects, production, animation and special effects. The school has won Oscars for the films:


  • “Pixels”


  • “Sully”


  • “The Avengers”


  • “Cocoa”


  • “Avatar”


  • And many more

Extensive contribution of neuroscientist Jorge Moll in brain research

The act of giving and receiving might seem to have been supported greatly by spiritual leaders but in a weird way neuroscience has begun finding another definition on being good lead by Jorge Moll. Morality appears to be wired deep in the brain most likely due to evolution as recent results has shown. It would have been good to know if animals experience the same moral qualms as human beings but unfortunately animals cannot talk but their actions have shown that they do tend to put their fellow animal interests before their own. Quite a number of experiments done by Jorge Moll have rendered emotions to be central to moral thinking. The evolution of social behavior has greatly been affected by presence of empathy in creatures. Each and every person has a different approach to morality and it appears that there is a process at which people tend to reach their moral decisions. Though society in itself is judgmental, brain damaged creatures tend to reach decisions faster than normal functioning brains, as psychopaths on the other hand lack empathy or remorse. While some moral decisions may seem easy to make, some may be quite difficult to an extent they elicit conflicts from the multiple active brain regions ( Relying completely on instincts may be putting a burden on moral thinking. Diversity of cultures and religions has built the framework on morality which has then given birth to the theory that morality might be automatic and unconscious.


Neuroscience Specialist

Jorge Moll, a Brazilian Neuroscientist and President of D’Or Institute of Research and education has been part and parcel of various researches on the brain. Jorge Moll took his entrepreneurial intuition and passion to safeguard the promotion of healthcare innovation, and world class research in his country. The open and transparent Dr. Moll has had an excitement on human brains and this has seen him getting to where he is as an entrepreneur. He attended The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro that has seen him better placed as neuroscientist. Jorge Molls motivation is derived from his undying interest in psychological and neural mechanism governing human choices. He has researched on social preferences and how they get affected by moral values.