Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Buzzing

Many Bumble users have found love, friends, and even jobs through Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble dating app and its Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz features, but Whitney Wolfe has been even luckier than her users recently after the app earned her $230 million as their Chief Executive Officer and founder. Not only is Whitney Wolfe enjoying her fortune, she is also enjoying life after recently marrying the love of her life, Michael Herd, in a breath-taking Italian wedding in 2017.

At only 29 years old, CEO, Whitney Wolfe is on her way to possibly earning a position on America’s Richest Self-Made Women by Forbes after only barely missing the mark this year. Bumble keeps growing at an impressive rate with a user base of around $35 million people. Interestingly enough, their biggest competition comes from an app that Whitney Wolfe herself actually Tinder co-founded. While she was with the company, she acted as their Vice President of marketing and helped build the app to what it is today.

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Unfortunately, Wolfe claims that she experienced sexual harassment at the company and made the decision to leave and found her own that was more focused on making sure their female users felt empowered and able to make the decisions on who contacted them. After dealing with this traumatic experience, the Southern Methodist University graduate was heartbroken to see the things that were being said about her online by people she had never met. She was not trying to get attention for what had happened to her, she just wanted to leave the company after a bad experience. She was left feeling broken after what she had gone through at the company and the things that were said about her afterward.

Things are looking up for Whitney Wolfe in addition to the success of Bumble. Recently, Imagine Entertainment appointed her as the first female on their Board of Directors. Recently, Imagine Entertainment purchased Jax Entertainment, a company that features many different entertainment programs that star women in prominent roles. By adding Whitney Wolfe as the first woman to work for Imagine Entertainment on their board of directors, Wolfe will be able to provide a woman’s perspective.

10 Tips to Organizing from UpWork

UpWork has a blog post aimed to help people who get overwhelmed by having too much to do with “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List.”

1) “Capture Everything”: Instead of overloading yourself by trying to remember everything on your to-do list it is best to write everything down and take tasks one by one. The brain will have difficulty focusing on the task at hand if it is worrying about all the tasks there still are to be done. By compartmentalizing your to-do list and making it a one-at-a-time situation you reduce this effect and have an easier time focusing.

2) “Prepare Your List in Advance”: Instead of wasting time planning your day at the beginning it is advised that you plan your day in advance, usually the night before.

3) “One Place”: Put all your tasks in one spot. Make a master list and don’t rely on multiple lists. They can be tough to keep track of and wastes time. If everything is in one place it is easier to see everything.

4) “Time Attributes”: Assign time frames and values for all your tasks. This helps ensure that you don’t spend too much time on a project.

5) “Define Priorities”: Assign high, medium and low value to tasks. If, as is often the case, something unexpected comes up then you have your tasks prioritized so that you make sure you can get the important tasks finished.

6) “Keep Re-Evaluating”: Don’t be afraid to reassess your tasks and priorities from time to time. Things can change and some tasks may be changed.

7) “Stress-Free Delegation”: Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to other people or times.

8) “Zoom In and Zoom Out”: If the whole list is stressing you out just focus on one part of it.

9) “Batch Process”: Be sure to look the entire thing over and see if you can combine tasks to maximize time.

10) “Assign Energy Levels”: Much like prioritizing you can assign asks by how much energy they consume and this way you know when to schedule them to your advantage.


Ryan Seacrest Builds Impressive List Of Accomplishments In Media And Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is the longtime host of American Idol, the iconic televised singing competition that features amateur singers vying for a recording contract. The show is returning for its 12th season and will now be televised by ABC.

Seacrest has impressed the world with the ability to pair his natural creativity with his entrepreneurial spirit which has resulted in him reaching prominent positions at a number of local and nationally syndicated radio programs as well as both local and syndicated television.

Host Ryan Seacrest has, in addition to his deep involvement with a variety of media and entertainment companies, used his platform to support youth-driven philanthropic pursuits that have had a major positive impact on the nation as a whole.

On The Air With Ryan Seacrest is a morning drive-time radio show for the Los Angeles area that is a number one nationally syndicated show. The show is also a perennial player on the top 40 radio show list.

Ryan Seacrest is the co-host of Live With Kelly and Ryan, a morning talk show televised by Disney/ABC for which he is also an executive producer. Ryan also partners with the ABC network as the executive producer and host for the channel’s annual New Year’s Eve show.

ABC is not the only beneficiary of the on-air talent of Ryan Seacrest and he is also the host and executive producer for E! Live From The Red Carpet which is televised on the E! network. He is also the creator of a brand new menswear called Distinction.

In a published post from nytimes.com, it says that the impact of Ryan Seacrest has not only been felt by the industry when he is in front of the camera. He is also the head man at Ryan Seacrest Productions, which has produced Emmy Award-winning content such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as well as the many spinoffs that have come from the franchise.

Ryan is the proud chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is responsible for the opening of ten Seacrest Studios, the broadcast media centers the foundation maintains in pediatric centers located in various parts of the country. Ryan also donates his time to serve as a board member for the Los Angeles County Museum For Art and is an honorary board member for the Grammy Foundation

Find out more: youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A

A Friend in Your Corner

Currently making his home at Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager, Bruno Fagali’s talents are far reaching and extremely diverse. Since 2006, he has practiced within several different law disciplines, which have culminated into the time he also currently spends working in his own private practice. With his vast and diversified experience, Fagali is certainly one that you would want in your corner when it comes to compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law, or regulatory law.

Few can compete with Fagali’s level of experience and knowledge. His ability to put his experience to work for those he represents is unsurpassed. Those seeking out the expertise of Fagali can rest assured that his unsurpassable level of experience paired with his outstanding reputation will not leave any room for disappointment. Compliance é tema dos atuais MBAs do país, reporta o advogado Fagali.

Choosing a lawyer could be a daunting task; however, with the experience and reputation following him, the pathway has been smoothly paved. Not only is his legal experience valuable, but also his familiarity with the country in which he resides. When trying to navigate a new geographical area without personal knowledge it can be an intimidating task; however, Bruno Fagali gives that local advantage that we all desire.

In reaching for your stars in life, look for the knowledge and familiarity that will push you to the next level. Bruno Fagali is that friend that we all wish we had. Offering not only the legal expertise, but the work ethic and local knowledge that makes the road to success a little bit easier to navigate. Whether tackling a new dream or just organizing and surveying your current situation, we all want nothing but the best. At one time or another, we have all said that we need an advantage, something to set us apart from the others. Bruno Fagali has developed himself into this advantage.

About Fagali: www.crunchbase.com/organization/fagali-advocacy

Ryan Seacrest Does it All!

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most versatile and well known Hollywood figures of our time. He has proven his talent over a variety of platforms and continues to entertain and engage us all. Ryan Seacrest’s over decade long work on American Idol has helped make him a household name. He brings his energy into our lives no matter what platform he is on. Ryan Seacrest has worked alongside Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly, which has given him the opportunity to bring his own touch to morning TV. He has also joined the radio sphere and is on his very own radio show On Air with Ryan. His personality delights audiences and gives people a close look at what it is like to be a celebrity. Ryan’s not only great at hosting shows, he has expanded into a few different other lines of work. You can pick up some very fashionable clothing from his personal line Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The pieces to choose from in the tailored wear are classy and stylish and allow one to emulate Ryan’s look.

Forbes noted that Ryan is also a cofounder of a proven skin care line “Polished” for men. Polished has been raved about in Forbes, Instyle, People, Allure and more. There is nothing Ryan can’t do. He consistently goes to show us that if you work hard and follow your dreams you can achieve anything. It is important to Ryan to help out his community and he has founded the Ryan Seacrest foundation in order to do so. Ryan has worked with Children’s hospital and his work has immensely helped out young children. This mission of giving back allows him to set an example for us all. There is something for everyone when it comes to Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest). He is truly the all American, hardworking guy we can all aspire to be. For all his recognition and achievements he remains down to earth and genuinely likeable. We could all take a note from Ryan’s book and make our own dreams come true by following his example.

More: https://www.nytimes.com/

NewsWatch TV is favorably reviewed

Selecting a news source can be an odious chore. There to be so much news to cover but no one got really covering it. With 24-hour news cycles most news programs are loaded to the brown with filler and other things of the audience often don’t have time to watch fully. Some news outlets are taking on a different approach when it comes to dealing with the news. News watch, for instance, has decided to create more bite-sized segments for their audience. For instance, the program only appears once a week on in the ion network. In regards to more special episodes, they can be found twice a month on AMC. This smaller amounts of on-air time allows them to fill the audiences experience with relevant information. They’ve been providing the news all across America for over 25 years. In this time they’ve covered thousands of stories and have hosted hundreds of celebrities championing various causes. There on-air talent primarily features Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, Eric Forrest and Amanda Forstrom. Their offices are located in Washington DC. Often, those companies or celebrities that deal with news watch review the organization favorably.

For instance, the review left by steel series on news watches website expresses a glowing recommendation for the organization. Steel series focuses on electronics across the globe. Their products were reviewed by news watch and as a result, millions of more customers were exposed to their products. This experience left the company really appreciating the PR and exposure that news watch offers them. It helps their company grow favorably since the review was aired. The segment was believed to have reached 95 million households across the country. They have worked with NewsWatch on more than one occasion and were grateful for the accessible method used by the NewsWatch team.


Grame Holm – Financial Coach for the Everyday Australian

Graeme Holm is shaking up the Australian loan market. A 17-year veteran of the financial services space, he is an accredited professional across the areas of generalized finance, financial planning, and real estate. Graeme spent nearly a decade working in the environment of Australia’s four major banks, but gradually became tired of promoting single-branded products and services. Mr Holm was greatly bothered when he discovered that many Australian families were being given unfair deals when doing business with financial institutions directly. Graeme become inspired to help fix the lives and financial situations of everyday Australians, one family at a time.


Graeme Holm begins his day begins bright and early, by 5:30 AM, by getting some exercise. He follows this up with something to stimulate the mind – a book or a podcast, for example. Graeme asserts that this energizes him, and keeps him at peak performance throughout the coming work day. He prefers to self-impose a business schedule that breaks his day down into half-hour segments, as he feels this is a good means of ensuring productivity. Around 10:30 PM, Graeme’s day typically comes to a close. Upon finishing client meetings in the evening, he likes to spend 5 to 10 minutes planning out the following day to ensure he stays ahead of the pack. During this time, he creates a list of five goals he aims to achieve in the coming day. He makes a commitment to these goals, and lets nothing stand in his way as he achieves them. He also suggests getting the day’s most difficult order of business taken care of first – it can help propel you through the day’s remaining tasks with a greater degree of confidence and effectiveness.

Mr Holm is a strong proponent of collaboration in the workplace. He believes that when people come together, their ideas are stronger overall. Graeme promotes an office culture that encourages employee participation in the decision-making process. Employees are encourage to fill the office’s suggestion box, share their new and innovative ideas, and collaborate freely with other professionals in the industry.

Graeme Holm believes that meaningful collaboration helps ideas move from conception to fruition at a much more rapid pace. Rapid implementation of innovative ideas is key to ensuring that those ideas reach their full potential.


Graeme Holm is an optimistic, hardworking man who believes that 30-year loan repayments can be completed within 7-10 years when an effective plan is implemented.

By consulting with a financial coach, maintaining a well-managed budget, and making regular deposits of income into a fully transactional loan account, the average Australian can reduce their interest charges and live on a weekly cash-based budget. In addition to these principles, consumers should be careful not to fall into a pattern of excessive or impulsive spending – such as new gadgets or luxury items that are not needed – but they should be able to meet their financial goals, and repay their loans within a much shorter window of time than they may expect. Learn more: https://www.instagram.com/graeme_holm/?hl=en

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Inspires Young People

Ryan Seacrest, the renowned producer, and TV and radio show host, is someone who is known for being on the radio and on television, and he would like to inspire young people who would like to one day be on the radio and television, as well. He would like to inspire those who are going through difficult times and help them dream about the future. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was created with the goal of inspiring young people through entertainment focused work. This organization helps children pretend to like Ryan Seacrest and it helps them dream about the day when they might be as successful as he is.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation creates Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals. There are children who spend much of their lives in the hospital for one reason or another, and those children need something to do, something to inspire them, something to make them dream of the future. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation creates broadcast media centers in hospitals that are made just for children. Patients of the hospitals can come to these centers and learn about radio, television, and new media. These centers are meant to help children and their families heal. These centers are meant to be a positive part of the lives of the children who visit them.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation uses its Seacrest Studios to set up the patients in the hospitals that they are in with entertainment. They use their studios to create programming for the patients who are in the hospitals that the studios are based in, and they make sure that the patients have access to quality content. Some of the broadcasts that are put out through the studios include live performances from musical artists, educational segments, and talk shows that cover topics such as entertainment and sports. Struggling children receive a distraction through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and its Seacrest Studtios.

More info about Ryan’s routine: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a passion for plastic surgery

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas who has been practicing for 20 years and has hospital affiliations with several hospitals in the area. He was born and raised in Minnesota and graduated from Michigan Medical School, a top 25 medical school in the country, in 1997. From there he graduated with honors and elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He completed his residency at the Michigan Medical center. After completing residency he then spent an extra year at the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in 2006 obtaining sub-specialty training in aesthetic surgery. He is a bilingual Dr. speaking both English and Spanish. Among a variety of treatments and surgeries a few skills associated with Dr. Sam Jejurikar are birthmarks, burns, neck lifts, laser surgery, breasts implants, skin cancer, etc,. He is currently one of the doctors leading a charge in making safety a priority for plastic surgery in Dallas. He has spoken in numerous domestic and international meetings to increase awareness about grafting procedures where he says “It’s exhilarating to make a positive change in someone’s life, regardless of whether its through an act of kindness or through performing surgery. It makes you feel as though you’ve truly made the world a better place. When “Plastic Surgery truly is a blending of art and science. The science part is obvious. Without a thorough and complete knowledge of human anatomy, no plastic surgeon could do what he does. The artistry really comes out in attention to detail.” Dr. Jejurikar is exceptionally trained in all aspects of plastic surgery, both reconstructive and cosmetic. His desire is to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.



Louis Chenevert is currently a retired member after formerly working as the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. He was in office as President and Chief Executive Officer from early 2008 and as chairman from early 2010 till retiring in 2014. Before joining the United Technologies Corporation, he served at Pratt and Whitney from late 1990s until 2006 as President. He has also acted as a senior advisor in several business councils and in forums.

Louis Chenevert graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in production management from the University of Montreal. In 2011, at the University of Montreal, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate. He is a director and chairs several international advisory boards. In his interview about United Technologies, he had the following to say;

The idea for United Technologies came from the variety of ideas that rose from the main executives with a clear picture of the needs of customers. There was also a desire to come up with more improved and desired products within the market. That strategic approach brought about game-changing decisions which were then put into practice. An example is a new engine development which would ensure a 20% better fuel burn, reduction of noise by 50% and fewer body parts thus low production cost.

The ideas are brought to life at UTC by focusing on operational talent and pushing forward only the important ideas. This would ensure that the results produced were higher than what the consumers expected. Maintaining focus on operational teams is also key. One trend that excited Louis is how fast technology accelerates coming from opportunities.

To ensure productivity as an entrepreneur, focus and continuous follow-up are key. Another is ensuring that the specialized operators have all facilities to deliver. Avoiding internal politics due to their disruptive nature will also ensure better results. Ability to get the right team and to appreciate them is key to entrepreneurship. Delighting customers and ensuring risks are rewarded is also another key move.

One strategy that has ensured business growth is being open-minded, ensuring constant focus and ensuring distractions are out of the way. Surrounding yourself with people of like minds makes you a better working team.