James Dondero Can Help You Financially

Imagine that you are a corporation and that you want to go ahead and raise funding for a new venture. You believe that the venture will be amazing and that it will bring in great returns, you even think that you will be able to take your company to the next level with these returns but you also know that it will not be easy, you know that you will have to clean up your balance sheet and make sure that you are presentable. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Why do you want to make yourself presentable?

Well, you want to make sure that you don’t have to pay a higher rate to raise funds, you know that the riskier you seem to be, the more that you have to pay to your credit holders, to minimize this outcome, you take steps to minimize the costs of the issuance of the debt.

You really want to do this project and you know that you can do it well, all you have to do is just take the right steps to be as presentable as possible.

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You want to fall in the AAA, AA, A bucket.

So what do you do? You look at your current business model and you look at your financial statements, you look to see if you have the ability to do well if the market goes south, you can tell this in a more easy manner, the numbers in your financial statements shouldn’t lie. You want to check and see how sensitive your financials are to changes in the market.

Then you look at how you can fine-tune your operations to trim down your liabilities and shore up on your assets.

James Dondero Does the Analysis

James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management does the work for you, all you have to do is allocate your capital, and keep up with James Dondero and his team. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

What Ashley Lightspeed Does With ‘Prototyping’ Business Startups

There are so many businesses that change the world when entrepreneurs’ ideas find the light of day and offer solutions that nobody else has been able to formulate. But sometimes those ideas need a little retooling of their own in order to work out longer and build a more sustainable business model. That’s why Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Venture Partners works with new business owners in building their business plan, and then uses data and tests to get an idea of how it would work in the real world. Certainly not everything that’s simulated can work out exactly the way it was tested, but Ashley has quite a background of understanding how prototyping can work.

Ashley Lightspeed didn’t see herself in venture capital investing when she first started school at Duke University. She initially wanted to be an architect like her father who she would watch sketch building structures and formulate blueprints, and she would discover building a business to be somewhat similar. She didn’t actually go directly into business startups but instead found consulting to be an attractive career beginning. So Ashley brought the knowledge she had gained in certain business planning and procedures to Bain & Company for several years. Read more on nypost.com

Ashley Lightspeed delved deeper into business planning and development when she joined the team at Thumbtack and managed their wedding events services, and this part of her career had her exploring more on starting a business plus venture capital. She then went on to graduate school and became familiar with Lightspeed Venture Partners and how many new disruptive businesses were receiving investments and eventually going public at the firm. She was only happy to join the team when it was announced new positions were open in the consumer investing division, and since then she’s brought a lot of valuable input to her colleagues and entrepreneurs.

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Jana Will Guide Entrepreneurs to The Promised Land

Many entrepreneurs may think that they know it all, the fact is that some of them really do know it all. But other entrepreneurs may need to have venture partners like Jana lightspeed to get them where they need to go. Jana lightspeed venture partner has seen what it takes to grow a company, she has seen what type of people grow companies and the various things that they have to go through on a regular basis. As such, she continues to strive and help those who she advises strive as well.

Here a few things entrepreneurs should know before they go down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship.

Always Have Something You Can Offer To The Market

The fact of the matter is that it is not about you and your ideas. It is about you and how you can fit into the market. Stated in a more plain manner, it is about you and how you can make a difference in the lives of your customers. The only thing that matters is your relevance to your customers and then how many customers you can bring on over time.

The first part matters because that is how you build a business, always serve the market and serve a base of customers. The second part matters because that is how you become a successful venture backed company, have the ability to continue to grow your customer base, capture more revenues and improve your gross margins to capture more dollars and profits.

There is also a third point in this piece of advice. The third point is to have a hard skill that you can bring to the market at an early stage. Let’s say that you want to jump into entrepreneurship full time, let’s also say that you have a current job.

What do you have to do? Well, since you are not able to replicate and share consciousness with a second entity that is also you, you must go ahead and generate revenues on your own while you have a full time job to support yourself.

What is the best way to do this?

Have a skill set that the marketplace would appreciate. This skillset will vary for each individual. A hard skill set like graphic design, or web development, or mobile programming is something that is certain to be appreciated by the market.


On The Move: Agera Financial Provides A Fresh Look at Energy

Formed in 2014, Agera Financial is involved with and is the parent company of Agera Energy. Agera Energy provides electricity and gas to a number of residential and business customers throughout a number of states. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

A few years ago, states began to deregulate gas, electricity, and in some cases, the telephone companies in their states. Not all utilities were affected in all states; some deregulated only electricity, for instance.

This deregulation provided competitive pricing for service such as energy and communications, and new industries were born. One of these was Agera Energy.

The company is different than most other companies. It works with the customers, showing them how to save money and use their energy more efficiently. They sometimes recommend and combination of different venues for the use of cooking, heating, and lighting, depending on whether gas is used along with the electricity for these purposes.

They realize that every client is different, and that their needs are different and can be fulled in more ways than was originally thought. They work with the clients, as well as for them. That is Agera Energy’s difference when compared with other companies.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/AgeraEnergy/

The CEO of Agera Financial is Geoff Duda. In August of last year, Mr. Duda announced that Mark Linzenbold would be taking the position of Chief Financial Officer for the company. This brings new blood into the company, along with Mr. Linzenbold’s experience is the field of providing energy to customers.

Not all state have deregulated energy, however. Those that have done so have a happier citizenry, since they are not dependent upon a monopoly to provide them with service, and they can “shop around” for what they need. Agera Energy is there to help provide those needs and work with their customers. Agera Energy is growing, and will grow more when more states deregulate their utility services. Read more about Agera Energy at crunchbase.com.

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo has made a reputation for himself for creating football clubs and taking them into the top leagues in each of their respected countries. Gino Pozzo, who is the owner of the Watford Football Club in England, is one of the top figureheads in the European sports scene of modern culture. Pozzo was born into a football enthusiast family, and spent his childhood in Udine, Italy. Through family connections he was maintained a footprint in the Udinese Calcio football club. Gino Pozzo moved to the United Sates to earn his Masters at Harvard University at the young age of 18. After marrying he relocated to Spain, but currently lives in London with his family to take over operations of of the Vicarage Road football club. The Pozzo family is a globally respected name, with his father’s purchase of the Udinese Club in their hometown in 1986.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford Club in 2012, a struggling and failing company. After the purchase of this company Pozzo moved his family to London, asserting that their main focus was the growth of the Watford Club. After the ownership of the Watford Club, that made the Pozzo family the only family in the world to own three football clubs simultaneously in three different countries. In 2015, that season witnessed all three of the Pozzo clubs competing in their country’s top competitions. For the Pozzo’s original club of Udinese, it was their twentieth consecutive year in the Champions League. In only four years Pozzo took the Watford Club from the Fourth Division to the Premiere League. After this, Gino Pozzo sold a majority of his shares so that he could focus more specifically on the Udinese and Watford Clubs. There has been many management and coach changes since Pozzo has aquired the Watford Club, but the Hornets continue to prove themselves as champions in the Premier League, the highest competition level in the U.K.

James Dondero: Caring For The Dallas Community

When you care about your community, you will do anything for it to thrive. You will donate to cases where you see a real need and help those that are less fortunate. You may even build things that will help the cause of keeping the community going. You could also just donate money in order to help an existing cause come to pass so that people could benefit from it as a whole. James Dondero has done this on several occasions and will strive to see his city of Dallas continue to grow and thrive for the better with his help. Read more about James Dondero at Wikipedia.com.

Dondero helped to build a zoo enclosure with a donation that made it possible. Not only did people loved the hippos that the enclosure was for but it brought in revenue that the Dallas Zoo really needed. That, in turn, helped to bring on other improvements. A lodge was built in honor of Highland Capital’s generosity which generated even more income. This is a good thing and the zoo was able to take care of a lot of issues to help make it beautiful and an overall pleasant environment for the animals. This is what was needed to keep frequent guests from complaining about the conditions.

Check: https://www.jamesdonderohycredit.com/

Dondero did a wonderful thing when it came to making sure the zoo was taken care of. He also hosted a Mother’s Day outing for all of the mothers who needed someone to show their love and encouragement for what they do. James Dondero is big on celebrating women and it shows in so many ways. This is the type of person you want donating to your causes because of everyone benefits when this person does. Dondero is a cheerful giver who cares about Dallas and what the city needs to stay going. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career Profile

Igor Cornelsen is a professional investment officer who is well known in Brazil for helping major investment banking companies develop and prosper Him was born in 18947, October 4th in a region known as Curitiba within Brazil. He is a former student of the Federal University of Parana where he studied his bachelor’s degree in economics and engineering. Earlier on, he joined the university to study engineering, but later he developed an interest in business and decided to enroll in the business school within the campus. Igor graduated in 1970 with his two degrees in business and engineering.

Igor Cornelsen stared practicing his career by first working as an account in one of the banks in Brazil. Accountancy was a common practice for engineers in the country. They were preferred since they were very competent in calculating compound interest rates at that time when there was limited technology. He served at the bank for some years and later moved to Rio where he worked at Multibanco as a member of the board directors.

After working at the Multibanco for some years, Igor Cornelsen was promoted to be the chief executive officer of the company. He was responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth and development. Later on, he was transferred into the main office of the bank known as Unibanco where he was a member of the board of directors and the chief investment officer.

Igor served Unibanco for eight years, and then he joined Libra Bank PLC where he was employed as the Investment Officer of the company. He then moved to Standard Charted Bank and served as a member of the board of directors. While at Standard Chartered Bank, Igor decided to start his own investment company which was offering services similar to those of where he was working.

Shafik Sachedina- A dental surgeon and an entrepreneur

Shafik Sachedina is a respected and prominent dental surgeon in England. He graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London in 1975 with a degree in dental surgery.

Today, Shafik Sachedina is the co-chair of Sussex Healthcare company, a caregiving facility that provides care to residents of south coast England who need specialized care. Shafik was born in the 1950s in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania but later moved to England in search for quality education.

I should be committed in again, and the citizenship operating and made Britain his permanent home. He then embarked on efforts that would see him work with various healthcare organizations in the country. For over three decades, he has worked with a number of medical facilities in England. For more information read about Shafik Sachedina on Medium.

Apart from his dentistry practice, Shafik Sachedina is also head of a department of the globally recognized Jamati Institutions. This department under the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan at the headquarters in France. His role is to coordinate the activities and programs of the organization in 16 regions. These are regions where the Jamati Institutions have a presence.

Shafik Sachedina continues to update himself with matters of the field of dentistry. At the same time, he is volunteering to support the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom. He has served this organization as the president of the Ismaili Council in the UK for two terms. He is also serving with the Aga Khan Development Programs as a volunteer, in line with the traditions of the Ismaili community.

Shafik Sachedina served as the head of the Institute of Ismaili Studies where his main goal was to help in the spread of the Islamic culture in the United Kingdom. Today, this institute has the largest library of materials about Islamic culture.

Shafik has made a great contribution to the success of the caregiving health sector in England. Since playing a part in the formation of Sussex Healthcare, a caregiving facility in south coast England, he has helped hundreds of people in need of specialized care to live quality and healthy lives. This facility was started in the 1980s with only one home, but today it is made up of 20 homes including a state-of-the-art gym facility.

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Reading is a Summer Getaway When You Own Your Own Books

During summer break students are often faced with unstructured time and limited choices to keep their reading skills sharp. The students at PS11 or the William T. Harris School in New York often fall into that category as do many others.


In spite of the summer reading programs at public libraries, there are many families that do not have access to them. This may be due to location or parental time issues. Buying books may be out of the budget for some. Studies show, however, that when children have their own books, and choose those books themselves, they will be more likely to read. Summer reading is essential to allow students to maintain their hard won skills. It is discouraging to take a summer off and lose a grade level or more due to lack of use.


Sandy Chin, mother of two, had a big goal. Her son is a student at PS11. Chin and other volunteers, held a book drive. The plan was to have enough free, used books donated to give every kindergarten student at least one book to have and read over the summer. The drive was a huge success, bringing in over 3,000 books at all reading levels. Every student in the school was able to select summer reading books of their own.


PS11, on New York’s West side is a diverse school, with families of all income levels. It has an active parent base that raises enough funds to provide students with school supplies each year. The summer book drive, headed up by Sandy Chin is another way to support families.


Sandy Chin has over twenty years in the financial sector, as a successful hedge fund manager. She now runs her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital. Sandy holds a BA in political science from Barnard College, Columbia University. Her MBA is from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Her love of books and reading she gained from her childhood.


Sandy Chin used her leadership skills to give back to her community and bring families together to appreciate reading and share with the students of PS11. Learn more about Chin on LinkedIn.













NeuroCore Pre-Workout Formulation: Gain Energy and Power to Workout

NeuroCore MuscleTech is a super-concentrated, pre-workout formula that lets users experience every bit of your intense workout. Not only does it enhance your mental focus, but also gives you the energy to overcome your sluggish days. You work-rate spikes and you get a long-lasting reaped body. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

This super-concentrated stimulate is recommended for adult males and females who’d love to maximize their exercising routine with extra energy and power. For ultimate results, take the formulation 30 minutes before the workout sesh. To experience full results, users are urged to mix 2 scoops with 300 ml of water followed by high water intake to avoid hydration.

Why use the same NeuroCore Formulation Each Time?

The NeuroCore workout stimulant has the capability to enhance brain functions and alleviate stress, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, depression and lack of sleep. That goes a long way in maintaining balanced mental energy.
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NeuroCore’s MuscleTech brings together science and technology, to boost the brain performance stations, enabling you to expand the limits of your mental powers.

Additionally, NeuroCore keeps an active social media presence, especially on Twitter where the company updates their followers on the best ways to lead healthier lives and maintain apt brain functions. NeuroCore seems to be a great alternative to providing a solution to the root cause rather than the band-aid doses provided by neurologists and psychiatrists. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.