Wealth Management Services From HCR Wealth Advisors

When HCR Wealth Advisors first came onto the scene, they had a lot to prove. It is hard to get the trust of clients when it comes down to asset protection and wealth management. The budding company back in 1988 had to prove that they had the strategies, will power and ability to help clients with financial decisions. Obviously, they have proven themselves. Thirty years later and the wealth manager is still in business and there still in business making strong power moves. Hundreds of clients have chosen this wealth manager as their go to partner in creating personalized financial strategies and goals.


HCR Wealth Advisors believes in educating clients. They provide a thorough education that is based on simple economic principles that ensure financial security and growth. In addition. they provide trust to clients. Every meeting and personal financial matters are kept between the client and the advisor. Service is something the RIA prides itself on. They put a lot of emphasis on caring about the customer and ensuring the customer is satisfied with their wealth management advisory and services.

It takes strategy to secure finances. Clients need strategies to protect themselves from a loss of a job, decrease income, divorce or even death. HCR Wealth Advisors works to create personalized strategies that are tailored to meet the individual needs of a client based off of what they need. Some clients need help with protecting assets after their death. Some clients seek out counsel on investment matters. Some clients need instruction on how to start a company, merge assets or sale of assets. HCR Wealth Advisors is skilled and willing to create strategies for a host of need.

Serving clients who tend to have high net worth is not an easy job. But HCR Wealth Advisors makes it look incredibly easy. Providing strategies, education clients and being knowledge of wealth management needs has given the firm three prosperous decades. They only plan for this prosperity to continue to last them as they usher in a new wave of success as new clients come to them in seek of guidance for their assets.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


Strength In Numbers Equals OSI Food Solutions

The term “strength in numbers” can be applied to OSI Food Solutions as this food provider perfectly epitomizes this term to the fullest. OSI is a major player in the art of food manufacturing. The company has well-over 20,000 workers, and it consists of up to 65 factories and facilities. These factories and facilities are located in at least 17 different countries. This includes:

  • Japan
  • Hungary
  • The UK
  • Ukraine
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • And many more

By the numbers, OSI Food Solutions produces a long list of foods, such as panini, cookies, marinades, desserts, pot roast, ribettes, sliced bacon, beef patties, bacon bits, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, steak, flatbread, fruits, beans, chili, soups, pasta, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, fritters, chicken fried steak, dips, cooked sausage links, hot dogs and many more. The options are nearly endless, and the company has talent in specialty foods. Custom-food solutions are also on the agenda for OSI. Each one of the company’s clients will work exclusively with an R&D specialist during this particular time. The client’s specific set of instructions will be used to create an appetizing and tasty product.

The total amount of years have also played a huge role in the success of OSI Food Solutions. Yes, this Illinois-based food provider has been in business since 1909 even though the company was known as Otto & Sons back in the day. OSI has worked closely with numerous high-profile food retailers, such as Yum, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. When it comes to partnerships, OSI Food Solutions has partnered with Alaska Milk Corporation, Impossible Foods, General Milling Corporation and countless others.

Learn More: https://www.osieurope.com/

2020 Skin Care Predictions

As time goes on, so does the lifespan of trends and nowadays keeping up with multiple trends that are at least mainstream popular can understandably be seen as a waste of time regardless of these trends happen in the music industry, fashion industry, and any other industry. However, Genucel by Chamonix urges people to keep tabs on certain trends especially if you’re someone that has a strong interest in self-care as making sure your skin is healthy is good for both your physical and mental well-being.

Despite trends in the make-up industry coming and going just as quickly as the trends of other industries, the trends that revolve around skincare tends to linger since it’s simply about keeping your skin healthy. The article dives into skincare predictions that many can expect come 2020 next year as predicted by beauty experts. So what exactly is being predicted?

First, there’s customization which is a key element when it comes to a lot of things concerning many people. It’s important to make sure things are fitted to best suit you as a person and this goes double for skincare as not everyone has the same type of skin and it’s crucially important to use what works best for you unless you want rashes.

Another trend is ease of access. Something else that’s common in daily choices but vitally important in terms of skin. Ease of access basically boils down to how accessible a product may be for a person. Many makeup companies & vendors are making purchasing and receiving their products much easier as a result of modern times demand convenience.

Finally, there’s a demand for sustainable & natural products. Once again Genucel by Chamonix, as it pertains to people’s skincare, it’s of the utmost importance that the Genucel products people use on their skin aren’t made of something that could strongly damage it. It’s a case of better to be safe than sorry.

People don’t have to worry about these trends becoming irrelavent and finding which trend to follow is as easy as simply figuring out what works best for you.


American Addiction Centers: They Don’t Miss Anything

If there is one thing the AAC (American Addiction Centers) prides itself on, it is the fact they don’t miss anything when it comes to addiction. They keep their eyes open at all times on what is happening in the addiction world. They know it is the best way for them to help out those in need.

Right now, just like everyone else out there, they are well aware of what is happening with people that are addicted to opioids. They see it all of the time at their treatment centers.

It is why they are doing their part by not only helping with the crisis, but they also are raising awareness on it. They know it is the best way to get people to check themselves into one of their treatment centers.

Even though people are aware of opioid addiction already, there is no such thing as too much information being out there. There is one aspect that other people are overlooking, and it is the impact this is having on the children of those with parents addicted to opioids. They know what they are going through, and they want to be there to help out their parents. Read more:  American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery | MarketWatch

It is killing the parents to not be able to be with their children. They know they are missing out on major milestones. They want to be there for those events, and they do not want to miss them.

However, until they get their addiction under control, this is how life is going to be for them. They need to use this as motivation to get clean and sober.

A lot of addicts fall into the trap of feeling sorry for themselves. The American Addiction Centers wants them to break out of that habit. They want them to feel strong and like they can beat this. It is a wonderful thing when someone has that belief.

It really changes everything for them. Instead of them feeling like there is no way out and there is nothing they can do, they start to see that they can do something. They are in control of this, and they can see a life where their children are living with them. That is the end goal for them.

The AAC is going to remind them of what they are fighting for when they are at one of their treatment centers. They will also remind them that they are doing this for themselves as well. They are worthy of treatment, and they are worthy of a great life.

They might not feel great about their position in life at the moment, but they are going to overcome that because they have the best men and women out there helping them through this period of their life.

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OSI Industries now Co-Producer Impossible Burger

Co-Producer of Impossible Burger

In a recent co-production deal between OSI Industries and Impossible Foods headquartered in Redwood City, the renowned food packer for McDonalds is now the official co-producer for Impossible Foods. The recent agreement between the two companies allows OSI Industries to manufacture the flagship burger of Impossible Foods in its Chicago plant.

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Impossible Burger Production Plant

OSI Industries designed a production facility inside one of its Chicago plants almost exactly like Impossible Foods Manufacturing plant in Oakland. The new Chicago plant will be filled with Impossible Foods employees who will need a high-security clearance to enter the Chicago plant and the Impossible Burger production zone within the plant. Shateel Shah in speaking for Impossible Foods, says Impossible Foods is very pleased with being able to work alongside the legendary McDonalds food packer that goes back to 1955 with Roy Kroc.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a food science laboratory that specializes in genetically modifying plant-based proteins having all the qualities of meat-like products. The Impossible Burger looks, tastes, feels, and even “bleeds” like beef, but is 100% plant-based. They began their journey in search of the right all plant-based proteins in 2011.

Impossible Burger Debut

After five years of intensive research and development in their state of the art labs in Redwood City, they launched their Impossible Burger in 2016 at David Chang’s Momofuku Rishi restaurant in New York City. After the debut, there was a great interest in the Impossible Burger, and thousands of orders were pouring into the Impossible Foods headquarters.

Impossible Burger Production

The Impossible Foods production plant is a 68,000 square foot facility located in Oakland but was unable to keep up with the high demand of the Impossible Burger. Starting in early 2019 Impossible Foods began searching for a co-producer and distributor. OSI Industries was a name that had over 100 years of high-quality service, and which Impossible Foods was eager to develop a co-production agreement.

Impossibel Foods Celebrates OSI Industries

After a co-production agreement was reached Shateel Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods reported that Impossible Foods felt confident it could go anywhere and everywhere now with the support of OSI Industries.OSI has over 65 locations in 17 international countries. They have a team of 20,000 professional workers that work in the 65 areas.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

All About Jennifer Walden and Her Work

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who specializes in performing surgeries using laser options. She works very hard to provide her clients with everything that they are looking for in a plastic surgeon. She personalizes every patient care to be based individually for their wants and needs.


Patients are recommending Dr. Jennifer Walden to their friends and family on a daily basis. Patients love Dr. Jennifer Walden because she truly focuses on each patient and the care that they need to receive. Patients love Dr. Jennifer Walden because she cares so deeply about each and every one of her patients.

There are many Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews on the internet. Her patients speak very highly of her. The reviews talk about the great work that she does. They talk about how she makes sure to deeply look into each patient’s history. She takes every factor she can into account.

The Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews help Jennifer gain more patients. A lot of times when someone is looking for a great doctor no matter what kind of doctor that may be they go to the internet to read reviews and learn everything that they can about the options that they have.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has worked very hard for many years. She has started her own practice that she never thought would take off, but in reality, it has gone a very long way. Dr. Jennifer Walden has earned a great name and great success for herself and she is not finished yet. She is going to continue to work hard and is going to change the lives of even more people as her life and her career. Dr. Jennifer Walden is going to gain more happy patients that will eventually turn into friends. Walden has a very bright future ahead of them. There is not telling how far she will go.

How to Fund Your Idea – Classes and Advice with James River Capital Corp

Most startup ventures will find failure rather than fertilizer for their seedling businesses, and that is often due to poor planning or lack of experience. The best advice for these up-and-comers for growing? To get advice from experienced and trusted sources that exist to help.


James River Capital is an independent investment firm that offers an assortment of classes to help with asset managing. Originally started in 1995 and based in Virginia, James River Capital is registered both as a Commodity Trading Adviser and Pool Operator with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), as well as an Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). That means they know their stuff, and they have the paperwork to prove it. Some classes they offer include fixed income arbitrage, strategy investing, and many more- and how to apply each to your business.

The one who not only runs this successful firm but also founded it is a man named Paul Sanders. Sanders grew up with a passion for finance that turned into a career, and one thing he has found particularly successful is his emphasis on creation rather than competition. He also has a firm belief in ideas such as “bootstrapping” and “crowd funding”, which are basically small funding projects that involve kick-starters or asking loved ones to invest first. If you do have people you know well investing, then that can go a long way with bigger investors in the future; it sets an image of trust.

After that, some suggestions made by Sanders include: business loans, local loans, angel investors, venture capitalists, and trading equity. And each of these categories have several options for helping new owners get their companies off the ground. Banks can have lower interest, but lower approval; local loans are based on the area; angel investors are individuals looking for promise; venture capitalists want a high return at a fast rate; and trading equity means offering stock. Each are excellent building blocks, and Sanders suggests taking the time to figure out which best works for you.

Entrepreneur Glenn Schlossberg On The Benefits Of Taking Breaks

Glenn Schlossberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design Group. Schlossberg believes in working hard, but also having fun. Schlossberg enjoys brainstorming concepts while he’s on vacation. Throughout the year, Schlossberg takes trips around the World to meet with established clients and potential buyers.

The Importance Of Taking Time Off

Schlossberg says that working too hard can lead to burnout. Schlossberg believes that taking breaks can help people improve their productivity and cognition. People who take breaks are also seen as more creative. As a form of creative expression, Schlossberg loves to race cars. He enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes from racing cars and the post race crash. Schlossberg also enjoys bringing his team along and letting them experience some of the fun activities.

Schlossberg also enjoys going to New York to race motocross. Schlossberg has great memories of visiting the BMW Driving Center in South Korea and the MacLaren Test Driving Center in England. Schlossberg loves going at a fast pace in both in his personal and professional life.

Research Supports Taking Breaks

Research has shown that people who take short breaks every day feel more energized and productive. People may also increase their life expectancy through taking breaks.

Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg believes that many of his top women’s wear lines were created during breaks in his schedule when he was able to brainstorm and re-discover his passion. Schlossberg says that taking trips is part of his creative process now.

Other Ambitions

Glenn Schlossberg also enjoys collecting cuff links, watches, and classic scotch. He is constantly trying to add to his collection, which is why Schlossberg was proud to announce that Jump Design Group has acquired Cathy Daniels and Susana Monaco. Schlossberg plans to develop his company through partnering with other women’s wear lines that share the same vision.

Giving Back

Glenn Schlossberg believes in giving back. He supports several foundations, including the Young Presidents Organization, Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation, and The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship for Urban Schools.  For more details about Glenn you can visit professionaltales.com


Living in Chicago

Chicago is one of the coolest, literally and figuratively, cities in America for young professionals and families. With great tourist destinations like Millennium Park and the Willis Tower, it is easily one of the most visited cities out there. Most people who are from or live in Chicago will tell you that depending on where you live in the city will determine your experience. Each city brings a unique personality and feel. Summertime Chi is one of the best times to be in the city with its summer festivals, boat parties and beach afternoons, it is definitely a site to see.

If you are looking to move to the area but do not know where to start, look into one of the major rental property companies. Beal Properties is one of Chicago’s leading property owners of multi-family apartment buildings in the metropolitan Chicago area. They have properties in Lake View, Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, Logan Square and Gold Coast neighborhoods along with in Evanston, Highland Park, Winnetka, Northfield and Glencoe. They have had over 30 years of experience in representing excellent housing establishments in Chicago area. You should definitely make them your go-to when apartment hunting. There leasing consultants are trained to give you the best experience possible. 

The staff of Beal Properties has made a big commitment to the community of Chicago and improving the quality of life of the neighborhoods. They have served several different community service organizations and non-profits. Each month a team organized by Beal meets and evaluates the organization they will choose to provide aid and assistance to the local community. Keep that in mind when choosing your location or rental property as a strong community value is important. 

Chicago is still considered the mid-west which comes with a politeness but you have go to know that when it gets cold, things change. Make sure you pack your winter parkas. 


Why You need to be in good terms with Technology by Robert Deignan

Technology is an essential part of our lives, and it comes with all the good and evil. Robert Deignan has succeeded by using digital services to run his business. He serves as the CEO and co-founder of the ATS Company. Here, technology helps in the successful implementation of various projects. Robert, therefore, has some helpful tips around using digitization to your advantage.

For starters, technology is vital in discovering and learning new things that the brain can perceive. For instance, it has assisted the taxi drivers and other car owners in maneuvering the big cities using Google Maps. If people learned about the routes manually, it would take a long time. According to Robert Deignan, reading is the ultimate way that online presence can transform lives. Instead of spending the whole in unworthy sites, you can go through significant content to enlighten you.

Robert Deignan reiterates that technology is addictive, but you can overcome this by having a good relationship with it. It means that smartphones are bespoke to draw all your attention and focus. Despite that, you shouldn’t be too occupied to forget that life still goes on. For this reason, when you meet up with your friends or family, keep the phone away. This way, you can have meaningful conversations without checking the phone every second. You can bond during dinner or lunch and have fun without referring to the digital world.

Online sites are distractive at home and work as per Robert’s sentiments. Within one minute, you can switch from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes you find an employee pretending to be working yet they are chatting via LinkedIn. It shows that they have diverted from the common goal to social media, which is devastating. The preference is likely to decline since they dedicate less time to the job. Balancing the two is vital to have an ideal work and relaxing time.

Ultimately, Robert Deignan used technology to advance in his career, and you can emulate the same by having minimal screen time. You should try to use it to reap endless benefits as well as connect with your loved ones naturally.