The Career of Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is an American businessman who used to hold the position of CEO of the Papa John’s pizza company. He ascended to that lofty position after more than 20 years of working at that company. He started at the bottom of the totem pole. He was just a regular hourly employee. However, his bosses saw that he had a drive and determination to succeed. This allowed him to get promotions over the other people he worked with. He was always being complimented by the people he worked with. He studied every aspect of the company and knew how it operated better than most of the people who were in positions of power.

Steve was given the position of CEO during a very difficult time for Papa John’s. The company was looking to get a fresh start after some bad publicity. Steve is the guy who was chosen to take over for the previous CEO. Steve had been serving as the president of the company. Prior to that, he was COO. There is no question that Steve’s body of work at Papa John’s is outstanding.

One of the things that Steve Ritchie is most noted for is guiding Papa John’s through the public relations nightmare that resulted from some poor decisions by upper management. There were very few people who could have handled the situation as well as Steve did. He hired a public relations firm to assist him with rebuilding credibility with the customers of the company. He was able to do this in a relatively short period of time.

Steve’s style of management was much different than many CEOs. Steve trusted his staff enough to delegate a lot of the responsibility to his subordinates. However, some CEOs always wanted to be part of the decision making process. This is not hard to understand seeing as how they are the CEO. However, Steve thought that way of running the company was not very good because it was not fast enough. The CEO can only do so many things at one time. Therefore, it is in his best interests that he delegate responsibility to various people who can handle the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Steve Ritchie never imagined that he would be running the company that he was employed at as a teenager. However, his story of success should serve as an inspiration that people can achieve many things if they work hard. He helped the company to achieve a very high amount of profitability during his tenure as CEO. The stock for the company soared to new heights. Customer confidence had not been as high in a very long time. Steve authorized the opening of new stores. Papa John’s began to take a larger share of the market. Many of their competitors could not compete with the many deals and specials that were devised by Steve Ritchie.

One of the biggest things that helped Papa John’s to succeed under the leadership of Steve Ritchie was their deal with the NFL. The company began to advertise on every NFL broadcast and sponsor the halftime shows. The logo of the company was visible in many different locations around the stadiums of NFL teams. They found that people loved to order pizzas that they could eat when they watched NFL games on Sunday afternoons. This is exactly what the company was hoping for. The amount of money that the company made as a result of their NFL partnership was unlike anything they had done before. Steve Ritchie definitely left his mark on the company. They would not be where they are without him.

Gano Excel And Organo Gold Are Shining Examples Of The Entrepreneurial Capabilities Of Bernardo Chua

Why is Bernardo Chua such a recognizable name within the spheres of food supplements, coffee and direct sales? Part of this lies in his genius use of an herb he gained familiarity with during his formative Philippines years, Ganoderma. This comes out of a valuable polymore mushroom, and it is what provides the often praised medical benefits that Chua’s final customers can receive from drinking the coffees that he sells through his line, Organo Gold. Since 2008, Chua has been continuously building this coffee direct sales platform, and his dedication certainly is not only to his final revenue sums either.

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After finding strong coffee success with that Organo Gold operation, Bernardo Chua figured out how to push that brand’s results towards both community and philanthropy through a connected non-profit foundation called OG Cares. The other company that received its inception due to Mr. Chua is Gano Excel; this was founded a bit before Organo Gold was, and it is likely Bernardo used this entrepreneurial experience in order to do even better with his next creation, Organo Gold. Prior to either of these, Mr. Chua was residing in the Philippines, where he also happens to have been born, and both direct sales and empathy for customers were important lessons for Bernardo there.

Since bringing himself to Canada, Bernardo Chua has consistently push both his companies and his direct sales career further and further. This has been noticed enough to earn him some interesting industry accolades. One such accolade was the group National Shoppers Choice noting Organo Gold as being among the top fod supplement suppliers, and that only added the the company’s 35 country consumer base and Direct Sales Company of the Year bragging rights. Chua appears to have found a winning operation model combining medical benefits with coffee enthusiasm.

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The PPP, The IFC, and Felipe Montoro Jens

The child network is currently undergoing a major transformation in Rio de Janeiro. In developing nations, issues not faced by more prosperous countries tend to take a toll on infrastructure. The city of Rio de Janeiro as a date of year end 2020 for the completion of the project which will include 20,000 new day care places as well as 40,000 new places in pre-schools. Utilizing the financial wealth and knowledge, the Public-Private Partnership found help for one of the most known sources for development of networks in developing countries, The International Finance Corporation.

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Not only were they invovled in that manner, they applied every aspect of their abilities to ensure that this would be a job well done. Their expertise is one thing, but what about support? The International Finance Corporation, or IFC, is strictly an advisor or overseer of the web of connections in regard to this network in a city the size and scope of Rio. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Crivella championed this push by comparing what is happening in Rio de Janeiro to that of Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais. “The goal of creating 20,000 new places in creches and 40,000 new places in pre-schools by 2020 through a PPP”, according to Marcelo Crivella.

The plan is one that many find to be an answer to what is needed to update and upgrade the current child education system in Rio de Janiero. The development of these Public-Private Parnterships through sessions over time, was set into law in December of 2004. This law was No. 11,079 and it established and explained a set of rules in which the PPP was set to behave. Not only was it a game changer, it is still in effect today. The partnership between the IFC and The PPP will be one watched by Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in projects such as this.


Malaysian Millionaire Entrepreneur — Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran was named by Forbes magazine in 2013 as one of the 50 richest persons in Malaysia, with a net worth of $500 million. Mr. Eswaran founded QI Group in 1998. QI Group is a multinational business based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with multilevel marketing networks extending into 20 countries. QI Group is an e-commerce based company, with business units involved in telecommunications, media, travel, wellness and luxury products.

Mr. Eswaran’s life story is an interesting one. He was born in 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. His father, Pushpavathy Chinnaiah, was a teacher and his mother, Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu, was the founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organisation. From an early age, Vijay was a self-made man. He financed his own secondary education in the United Kingdom by driving a cab. Vijay graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984. Following graduation, he traveled around Europe, financing his travels by working a number of odd jobs. As part of this ‘nomadic education,’ Vijay spent over a month in a Franciscan monastery, where he swore to and followed a 33-day vow of silence. This formed a lasting impression on Vijay, and became a core part of the book he wrote, “In the Sphere of Silence” (2005).

Mr. Eswaran returned to Britain in 1985, where he studied binary systems marketing. He obtained a professional certification in this field through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). In 1986 Eswaran embarked on a trip to America to further his education. He earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Southern Illinois University in 1986. During this time, Vijay continued to earn his own way, working part-time for Systematics, a subsidiary of IBM.

Returning to Malaysia some 13 years after leaving his homeland, Vijay Eswaran formed a contact with Conway Group and was tasked with starting their business presence in the Philippines. This was the catalyst that caused Mr. Eswaran to look seriously into establishing a multilevel marketing business plan of his own.

In 1998 Vijay Eswaran launched this idea of his, co-founding the multilevel marketing and e-commerce company QI Group. In 2017 Mr. Eswaran utilized Green Venture Capital, a subsidiary of QI Group, to begin development of QI City. The plan entailed building a MR (Malaysian Ringgit) 1.2 billion residential and commercial enterprise in Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The grand opening of this unique venture is scheduled for 2020.

Bhanu Choudhrie on Applying Steady Pressure to Your Dreams

Bhanu Choudhrie theorized ideas on getting into the top of the business industry for years before he ever got to put his plans to practice. Mostly, he finds pleasure in making the plans in general. He believes that there is a lot of value to planning out your life ahead of you, and it is this belief that has allowed him to grow into becoming one of the most organized people in his field. Bhanu Choudhrie has perplexed the state of international investment for many years, but it is lately that he has particularly been putting this exercise into practice with his modern-day investment choices. People are often unable to see the long-term plan that Bhanu Choudhrie has in store for his businesses, but he wishes to assure the public that he plans only to undertake projects that will improve the world around him. Learn more about Bhanu at Wallmine

This process is what he finds most appealing about his job, and it is this that will continue to motivate him for as long as he is able to hold his position. Bhanu Choudhrie is extremely thankful for the position he has been granted. He knows the pain of working a job that you are not invested in, and this is something he is grateful that he can avoid on a daily basis. For those who find themselves in a dilemma like this, Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the best thing to do is to find something you are passionate about and allow it to fill up the space in your free time.

It was this that made him so interested in investment in the first place. Many people find the feeling of being lost to be a negative one, but he tends to have a difficult outlook on it. Because you are lost, you are given an opportunity to find your own path and get your own footing. It is this that he believes builds character unlike anything else, and if there is anything he has learned about humanity over the course of his career, it is that anything can be done with the proper amount of dedication. Learn More:

Unroll Me Organized Email Inbox

You can live and die by your emails. And, if you’re a business person, you know how valuable emails can be to the survival to your business. If you’re a private citizen and you have an email account, chances are that you have subscribed to an email service and wished you never had since you now have more email subscriptions than you ever wanted. Getting rid of those are not too hard to do, but they seemed to have multiplied to where you seem to have no hope of getting rid of every subscription you don’t want. The web service Unroll.Me is here to help you here and now.

You can attempt to click on each email subscription and painstakingly unsubscribe each one at a snail’s pace, or, you can get rid of all the ones you don’t want with just a click of the mouse. This is stress relief for your inbox.

Simply, log into the free Unroll.Me web service using one of your providers such as Google, Yahoo, or Google APPS and then link Unroll.Me to your email account. From then, the magic of Unroll.Me happens. 

Unroll.Me is going to begin scanning your email inbox for all of your email subscriptions, and then it’s going to give you all of these subscriptions in what’s called a Rollup. A Rollup is a digest of all your email subscriptions, and it gives you the choice what to do with these subscriptions. You can keep them, unsubscribe from them, or you can just leave them in your inbox. You can even look at your Rollup from your mobile device. 

Keeping your email inbox managed by just a few clicks of the mouse has never been easier. Your inbox can fill up in a hurry with subscriptions you want and don’t want. Never again will you have to spend hours trying to unsubscribe from subscriptions that you never want to see again. Unroll.Me can clean up and organize your email inbox with ease.

Kevin Plank On Solidifying His Position In The Industry

From the very beginning, it has been the goal of Kevin Plank to create a work environment that is accepting of people from all backgrounds. Having grown up in a diverse neighborhood, he recognizes the value in having multiple cultures represented in any gathering of people, and he has fought for peoples’ rights to culturally express themselves all throughout his career. Because he is so vocal on the issue, he has been recognized as one of the most moralistic individuals in the field of business, and his values for companies are shown to be more and more expansive by the day. He simply cannot turn down the opportunity to improve upon his character, and perhaps this is the reason he has been able to so elegantly amass a following of people who are loyal to his brand.

He believes that creating consumer loyalty is a must if you want to survive in the clothing industry. Especially when a majority of your customers are athletes, there is a lot of brand loyalty that goes into play when someone figures out which company they want to invest their money into. If a company does not show that they are capable of creating the best possible product, athletes are not going to want to spend their money on the company, and furthermore, athletes team leaders are not going to want to represent the brand. This is simply a facet of the field Kevin Plank chose to involve himself with, so he was not surprised to see the near-cliquey nature of the industry.

Despite this, Kevin Plank has been able to succeed greatly throughout the course of his company’s lifetime, having several famous and significant people represent his brand. Because he figured out a way to create clothes which are inherently better for an athlete’s personal use, his brand has cemented a permanent position within the field of business, and this is exactly what Kevin Plank planned from the start. He knows that the field of sports clothing is not exactly a stable one, and this is why he has done everything within his power to make sure that his position within the industry never falters.

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OSI Food Solutions: Making Huge Waves In 2019

OSI Food Solutions as a global company is simply unstoppable at this particular point in time. The company has gone through some meteoric changes since the beginning of 2019, and these new changes are looking to pay off in huge returns. First and foremost, OSI Food Solutions is the solution of choice for handling food retailers and their needs. Each client can choose from value-added foods to traditional foods or whatever their hearts desire. OSI also has an exceptional capability in producing custom foods. Every single base is being covered by this food giant, which has helped to thrust the company past its closest competitors.

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Back in April 2019, OSI went on to acquire stake in Rose Packing Company. This particular company is Illinois-based just like OSI, and it produces a wide range of meats. This includes flavored sausage, loins, pork shoulders, salad toppings, ribs and ethnic sausage. Rose Packing has also been around since 1924. Kevin Scott, senior vice-president of OSI, stated that “this was a strategic move as Rose Packing perfectly compliments our business model.” Rose Packing currently employs over 700 individuals, but OSI will be retaining the company’s management team as well as its CEO.

This acquisition was just another acquisition that came straight out of OSI’s playbook. Leadership at this mega juggernaut is outstanding thanks to CEO Sheldon Lavin. He has brought in his superior managerial experience as well as his experience in finance. Back in 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired stake in Flagship Europe, BAHO Food and Tyson Foods. Thanks to the rise of meatless burgers, OSI is looking to get its feet wet by partnering with Impossible Foods. OSI Food Solutions will be producing tons of meatless burgers over the course of the next few years.

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Wealth Management Services From HCR Wealth Advisors



When HCR Wealth Advisors first came onto the scene, they had a lot to prove. It is hard to get the trust of clients when it comes down to asset protection and wealth management. The budding company back in 1988 had to prove that they had the strategies, will power and ability to help clients with financial decisions. Obviously, they have proven themselves. Thirty years later and the wealth manager is still in business and there still in business making strong power moves. Hundreds of clients have chosen this wealth manager as their go to partner in creating personalized financial strategies and goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes in educating clients. They provide a thorough education that is based on simple economic principles that ensure financial security and growth. In addition. they provide trust to clients. Every meeting and personal financial matters are kept between the client and the advisor. Service is something the RIA prides itself on. They put a lot of emphasis on caring about the customer and ensuring the customer is satisfied with their wealth management advisory and services.

It takes strategy to secure finances. Clients need strategies to protect themselves from a loss of a job, decrease income, divorce or even death. HCR Wealth Advisors works to create personalized strategies that are tailored to meet the individual needs of a client based off of what they need. Some clients need help with protecting assets after their death. Some clients seek out counsel on investment matters. Some clients need instruction on how to start a company, merge assets or sale of assets. HCR Wealth Advisors is skilled and willing to create strategies for a host of need.

Serving clients who tend to have high net worth is not an easy job. But HCR Wealth Advisors makes it look incredibly easy. Providing strategies, education clients and being knowledge of wealth management needs has given the firm three prosperous decades. They only plan for this prosperity to continue to last them as they usher in a new wave of success as new clients come to them in seek of guidance for their assets.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


Strength In Numbers Equals OSI Food Solutions

The term “strength in numbers” can be applied to OSI Food Solutions as this food provider perfectly epitomizes this term to the fullest. OSI is a major player in the art of food manufacturing. The company has well-over 20,000 workers, and it consists of up to 65 factories and facilities. These factories and facilities are located in at least 17 different countries. This includes:

  • Japan
  • Hungary
  • The UK
  • Ukraine
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • And many more

By the numbers, OSI Food Solutions produces a long list of foods, such as panini, cookies, marinades, desserts, pot roast, ribettes, sliced bacon, beef patties, bacon bits, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, steak, flatbread, fruits, beans, chili, soups, pasta, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, fritters, chicken fried steak, dips, cooked sausage links, hot dogs and many more. The options are nearly endless, and the company has talent in specialty foods. Custom-food solutions are also on the agenda for OSI. Each one of the company’s clients will work exclusively with an R&D specialist during this particular time. The client’s specific set of instructions will be used to create an appetizing and tasty product.

The total amount of years have also played a huge role in the success of OSI Food Solutions. Yes, this Illinois-based food provider has been in business since 1909 even though the company was known as Otto & Sons back in the day. OSI has worked closely with numerous high-profile food retailers, such as Yum, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. When it comes to partnerships, OSI Food Solutions has partnered with Alaska Milk Corporation, Impossible Foods, General Milling Corporation and countless others.

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