OSI Industries Expands Its Holdings In Europe By Buying Baho Food

Not long after enhancing its domestic production capabilities with the acquisition of a Tyson Food plant, OSI Industries made a big acquisition that will enhance its already powerful reach into Europe. The acquisition was Baho Food which specializes in deli meats and snack food production, and their inventory will now include even more foods since it will be adding meats from their new parent company. Baho Food CEO John Balvers will remain on as will other company employees, and he expressed his delight at now being able to better serve Baho Food’s customers. Five major subsidiaries that will also be under OSI Industries’ control will be Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smart Life that have served Baho Food’s specialties to 18 countries across Europe.

OSI Industries may not get as much recognition as their biggest partner, McDonald’s, but they can certainly be credited with providing the quality meats that have given customers a smile while dining at their fast food restaurants. Their partnership with McDonald’s started back in 1955 while they were known as Otto & Sons. The company’s namesake came from a Chicago butcher and meat market owner named Otto Kolschowsky who had started the business at a home shop in 1909 and then opened a larger market center in 1926. McDonald’s became the first client that would drive high demands for meat production from Otto & Sons, and they effectively became the catalyst that triggered a period of major growth beyond not only the Midwest borders, but also US borders.

Sheldon Lavin, the current chairman and CEO of OSI Industries can be credited with growing the company and giving it one of the best reputations in the meat industry. His experience in banking gave him the knowledge of how to manage the company’s funds wisely, and he knew which key investments to make and when. One of the most important things he wanted OSI Industries to invest in was safety both in equipment and in how various procedures would be handled. The company has been commended by several international agencies including the British Safety Council for maintaining environmentally-safe practices and training employees in safe product handling. In addition to Baho Food, OSI Industries has several other partners and farm suppliers in its portfolio including a joint venture with Select Ready Foods in Canada, Amick Farms in Batesburg, SC, Fair Oak Farms in Pleasant Prarie WI, Nation Pizza, K&K Foods in Taiwan and GenOSI in the Philippines.

OSI Froup info:beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03083661

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