OSI Food Solutions: Making Huge Waves In 2019

OSI Food Solutions as a global company is simply unstoppable at this particular point in time. The company has gone through some meteoric changes since the beginning of 2019, and these new changes are looking to pay off in huge returns. First and foremost, OSI Food Solutions is the solution of choice for handling food retailers and their needs. Each client can choose from value-added foods to traditional foods or whatever their hearts desire. OSI also has an exceptional capability in producing custom foods. Every single base is being covered by this food giant, which has helped to thrust the company past its closest competitors.

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Back in April 2019, OSI went on to acquire stake in Rose Packing Company. This particular company is Illinois-based just like OSI, and it produces a wide range of meats. This includes flavored sausage, loins, pork shoulders, salad toppings, ribs and ethnic sausage. Rose Packing has also been around since 1924. Kevin Scott, senior vice-president of OSI, stated that “this was a strategic move as Rose Packing perfectly compliments our business model.” Rose Packing currently employs over 700 individuals, but OSI will be retaining the company’s management team as well as its CEO.

This acquisition was just another acquisition that came straight out of OSI’s playbook. Leadership at this mega juggernaut is outstanding thanks to CEO Sheldon Lavin. He has brought in his superior managerial experience as well as his experience in finance. Back in 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired stake in Flagship Europe, BAHO Food and Tyson Foods. Thanks to the rise of meatless burgers, OSI is looking to get its feet wet by partnering with Impossible Foods. OSI Food Solutions will be producing tons of meatless burgers over the course of the next few years.

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