Omar Yunes: Towards Award-Winning Franchisee Management

Owning and successfully running a franchise calls for navigating a complex maze of management bureaucracy considering that the franchisee has to create a new brand that also mirrors that of the franchisor. This includes creating a management strategy that edifies the two brands. It is a difficult feat to pull off yet Omar Yunes managed it excellently. So remarkable has his track record in managing his franchise units that he fended off competition from dozens of entities to win the coveted Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in 2015.

During a gala night attended by several franchisors and franchisees, Omar Yunes was honored for redefining how franchises are managed and also how the franchisees relate with the franchisors. Winning the award was the crowning glory in the rather yet stellar history of Omar Yunes as a franchise owner. Since taking up the opportunity as a 21-year old investment enthusiast, he has expanded the Sushi Itto’s brand presence in Mexico to several cities. He currently owns 13 franchise units and manages an employee base exceeding 400 employees. The gala night held in Florence, Italy honored Omar Yunes’ efforts towards improving Sushi Itto’s management practices. As a change factor in the industry, he spearheaded the implementation of control boards across all units. He also won the Mexican national competition. His latest milestone was lauded by Sushi Itto’s chief executive officer who noted that the success was reflective of the concerted efforts of all the employees at the Omar Yunes-owned franchise units.

Diversifying Investment: Investing in Real Estate Properties

Omar Yunes has built his restaurant empire based on his excellent management skills characterized by suave management strategies aimed at ensuring that employees across all units are dedicated to the mission of the business. He ensures that they are highly motivated, which translates to high quality service delivery. Over the years, he has however opted to grow his investment portfolio with several acquisitions and purchase of real estate properties. He currently owns several high end condos in the United States and Mexico. Omar Yunes first began by purchasing properties and then renovating them into high-end condos. He also owns several companies in Mexico and Spain.

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