Nobilis Healthcare Leaps Ahead With Neck and Spinal Surgical Procedures

The Nobilis Healthcare stock is on the rise. Nobilis Healthcare in recent months has expanded their health care services. Formerly under the name of NorthStar Health Care they began their expansion of services and facilities by changing their name to Nobilis Healthcare and acquiring a $25 million debt financing facility with GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. This money was to be used in support of Nobilis’ plans for growth, repayment of existing debt, and the acquisition of Athas Health acquired in December of 2014. Nobilis has moved forward with their repayment plans and expansion. Nobilis plans have moved forward with direct-to-patient marketing that is focused on building their exposure in the ambulatory surgery centers and their acute care facilities in Houston and Dallas, TX, Scottsdale, AZ and their urgent care hospital in Houston, TX. Nobilis has two imaging centers with the latest MRI equipment. They have also added AccuraScope minimally invasive surgery to their repertoire of surgical skills. This cutting edge technique allows the specially trained surgeons to repair nerve damage, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and many other neck and back ailments and spinal defects without extensive open back surgery. The AccuraScope procedure allows the patient to return to their home the same day of surgery, and in most cases the patient is able to walk within a couple of hours after surgical treatment. The minimally invasive surgery helps so many people who previously had no choice but extensive open-back surgical procedures and resulting in pain, extensive therapy and the eventual return of pain. Nobilis stock has begun to regain its value and expected to reach $10 per share. The marketing plans underway at the present time will move Nobilis Healthcare into a better market position and assist in achieving their ultimate goals in health care. Nobilis is expected to be the healthcare plan that will defy the expected trend. The world population is moving into an aging group complicated by obesity. This trend was adding to the disabilities already targeting the aging generation, and can only add to the physical ailments caused by obesity and inability to move pain-free. Nobilis Healthcare is challenging the trends by offering the latest in healthcare with neck and back innovative minimally invasive spinal surgery. Nobilis Healthcare has gained momentum in the neck and spinal rehabilitation and surgical arena and its growth in this area will continue to improve with their planned expansion of services.

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