MaMa June to Sue TLC Over Duggar Scandel

Just when you think she will never go away, Mama June does something else stupid and puts herself and her family back in the spot light. This time the brassy blonde threatened to sue TLC over how they have handled the Duggar family and the latest scandal.

TLC didn’t jump when the Duggar scandal hit regarding Josh and charges from when he was 14 years old. They waited patiently, as this is one of their top rated shows. However, Shannon was furious because her show was cancelled over nearly the same issues.

TLC still doesn’t know what they are going to do with the show that is not currently in production. They have pulled re-runs from the line-up, but they haven’t spoken on the shows future. It doesn’t look good for the show, even though they are one of the highest rated on the network. Having Shannon breathing down their necks for a lawsuit may also be another reason for them to cancel the hit show.

When a show has bad publicity over and over, such as the Duggars for the past year, it does something to the fan base as Jaime Garcia Dias points out on FeeGow.  This has been the case lately and it was just a matter of time before it was over anyway.

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