Malcolm CasSelle: A Strong Pillar behind WAX

Malcolm CasSelle leads one of the best bitcoin merchant, OPSkins as the CIO. This company is a prime one in the market size where customers make across border micro-payments. The company is launching a new blockchain avenue for virtual asset trading known as the worldwide asset eXchange (WAX). WAX is built on the grounds of proficient and blockchain contracts. This will allow any buyer and seller to useful market virtual assets between each other. WAX is the ultimate solution to the disintegration and scam issues that have been on the market for long. It has a simple blockchain enabled widget that allows the users to buy and sell virtual goods at any given instants. The new initiative will allow users to use WAX tokens in their gaming assets, buy, and sell the gaming assets from other players without clicking away from their screens. The WAX platform will also provide a solution of geographical fragmentation allowing the players to transact with users with different cryptocurrencies without the need of a middle person. WAX blockchain technology will also solve the long issue of fraud in the virtual asset market. These include delivery of incomplete assets. This is fulfilled through the elimination of middle people in the virtual asset market industry. According to Malcolm, there is no need for the third person known as the intermediary in the transaction.

Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is the current president of the WAX initiative and the CIO of OPSkins. This is the leading platform for buying and selling virtual assets such as the online video games. Before working here, Malcolm CasSelle was the president and CTO at the Tribune Publishing, and in that capacity, he was able to oversee the growth of the properties and leveraging digital assets. Earlier on, he also worked at the SeaChange International as the SVP and GM for Digital Media. Malcolm has led the startup of various businesses in the digital industry which include the likes of MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupons joint business with the Tencent in China. Malcolm CasSelle has invested actively in Facebook, Zynga, and in the blockchain verticals. He holds a degree from Stanford University and MIT in Computer Studies.


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