Luxurious Wen by Chaz Products are Priced for the Average Woman

What woman doesn’t want healthy, luxurious hair without having to go to the hair salon every week to get it? The women of today want an easy, care-free, but wholesome care for their hair. California hair stylist Chaz Dean understands this, and he has developed an entire system of high-quality hair products to make your hair look fabulous. And, often times, in as soon as one week!

Chaz created his line of phenomenal hair care, using all natural ingredients, like pomegranate and lavender, at reasonable prices. Chaz began experimenting with different ingredients to create his first products in his salon in Hollywood. Chaz graduated from cosmetology school in L.A., and he began his hair stylist career in an upscale salon in Bel Air as manager.

After building an impressive list of celebrities as clients, he purchased the salon. To make the salon more convenient for his clients, he moved his Chaz Dean Salon to Hollywood, and his affluent and notable clients were happy to have the oasis that Chaz provided for them away from the paparazzi and media that they were so accustomed to. He offered a secluded and intimate atmosphere in his salon, so they could relax.

Chaz founded Wen by Chaz for the average woman, his products reflect his Zen-like personality. Using Chaz Dean Salon as a base, he created his Sephora endorsed original 5-in-1 formula that eliminated the need for extra shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners; it was all in one. By using natural ingredients, he stopped the damage the chemicals and sulfates have on most hair.

Artificial ingredients break and destroy the hair shaft while the natural products in the Wen by Chaz line are designed to build and strengthen the hair. After just two weeks of using Wen by Chaz products, your hair will be visibly silky and shiny, like the celebrity clients of Chaz’s, but at a fraction of the cost.

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