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Today we’re living in an age we’re everybody is connected digitally. LocationSmart has harnessed this technology into businesses through IP geolocation. LocationSmart provides customers a proven and effective platform that’ll maximize the benefits of using IP geolocation in various ways.

Currently, devices that are connected are assigned a unique IP address which includes a connection to the extranet, intranet and the internet frameworks. With an IP address the host network can identify the device or user. Another important factor of the IP address is the ability to track the geolocation.

LocationSmart tapped into this technology to help improve a company’s probability, improve internal function and process and with the opportunity to open further avenues. Key factors that can benefit from the technology begin with compliance with legal regulations.

There are many industries that are heavy regulated and some of these regulations can vary based on the geographic location. For example, online casinos and mobile lottery are required by law to comply with state and local regulations. Because online betting isn’t permitted in certain areas, a player’s location must be identified.

The use of IP geo tracking gives businesses the ability to determine where the geographic location may be. Such data improves a businesses user experience. No longer is the customer required to physically provide their location, because the IP address will provide such information.

Another benefit to this technology is the reduction of risks associated with online fraud. The IP location for each user can be collected when they access a service via a computer network. A business can determine if a user’s account has been hacked based from the unknown device or location. Also, an IP can indicate if efforts are being made to conceal or anonymize the user’s location. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

A business may opt in to utilize the geo-specific advertising with real-time communication. With IP geolocation, a business can obtain real-time data about where their customer may be. This information can be beneficial in numerous ways.

For example, you can tailor specific products or services to their customer that might be of interest to them. Information can include special promotions, discounts and events. Such advertising can inspire their customer that he or she may not have considered.

A critical part businesses depend on is protecting their copyrights and digital data. IP geolocation can determine when and where your digital content was accessed. This capability will let you know if your information was fallen into the wrong hands. With IP geolocation, you can identify any unauthorized access to take immediate action.

In conclusion, these are some of the services that LocationSmart offers through the use of IP geolocation.

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