Jurassic World is PG-13 Now

Back when Jurassic Park was released, it became so famous because there was screaming, running, tearing off of heads and general dinosaur related mayhem one would expect to see from a dinosaur park. The Velociraptors were, to some people, scarier than the T-Rex itself (remember the kitchen scene). Despite the movie being pretty scary for the little ones, the rating awarded to it was PG-13 because of the violence. Thankfully, the same rating has been awarded to the much awaited Jurassic World.

Here is what fans expect from the movie –

Less Jump Scares – Jurassic Park was a lot different from the average movie involving an interaction between monsters and men, even though the monsters might have been resurrected by man himself. Jurassic World should uphold this tradition of the movie series.

I-Rex Should Be Scarier Than T-Rex – The Jurassic Park movie made T-Rex the worst monster of all times. It was scary, being a child in the theater, and watching the gargantuan dinosaur rip everything apart.

The trailer is already managing to get fans into the Jurassic Park/World mindset. Alexei Beltukov thinks a particularly great addition to the movie is the gyrosphere rides that have replaced the jeep ones (For more opinions by Alexei check him out on A-Ventures). After what happened to the characters riding the jeep, who can blame the makers for wanting them gone?

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