“Jurassic World” Is Guaranteed A Sequel

“Jurassic World” has really caught the attention of those who are going to the movie theaters, especially since kids are now out of school. With school being out for the summer, many more have gone to see hit movies, more than would have when school was in. The “Jurassic World” Sequel. Jurassic World is an amazing movie, and the figures prove it. The movie has brought in over $500 million in its opening weekend, and this is the first time that’s ever happened to any movie in history.

Granted, the movie is available in 3-D, and 3-D movies tend to cost more money. If you also factor in the cost of the movie, you may understand why the movie has brought in so much money. Keith Mann suggested with average ticket prices being about $12, it’s not impossible for the movie to bring in so much money, especially if people choose the 3-D option according to AnimalLiberationFront.com. Unless you’ve seen the movie, you may not know everything there is to know about it.

Without giving the entire movie away, there are a few things you might want to know. The movie is a lot of fun, there’s people running away from dinosaurs, and one of the main characters stays in her high heels. The movie is so good that there is a sequel that’s guaranteed to come out. There is very little known about the upcoming sequel, but if it’s anything like the first one, it will be one to watch.

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