InnovaCare Health: Dr. Richard Shinto and His Team Members

InnovaCare Health has a rich and decorated history. The company started long ago when CEO and President Dr. Richard Shinto took the first steps into managed health insurance when he joined the North American Medical Management (NAMM) firm located in California. He knew that he wanted to be given the opportunity to lend his substantial expertise and that the world of medicine to the insurance community. He felt that if clients were better represented by their doctors they would not receive impersonal medical coverage. The move proved to be a very successful opportunity for Dr. Richard Shinto. You can visit



NAMM eventually moved into a partnership role with The Straus Group. This 2003 partnership would be pivotal to the eventual expansion of the healthcare company. The already expanding footprint became essential in many communities across the United States as well as the American territory of Puerto Rico. 2012 started a new chapter for InnovaCare when properties of NAMM were sold off to complete the formation of the company. It was an exciting time for everyone involved. The newly formed InnovaCare took the steps necessary to enter the Medicaid service market and this move increase their revenue exponentially. Under the guidance of Dr. Richard Shinto as president and CEO, the company would continue to flourish. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Dr. Rich Shinto brought a lot of knowledge and expertise to his role with InnovaCare. In addition to his medical degree from New York State University at Stony Brook, he also held an MBA from the University of Redlands. These degrees have helped him in his role as CEO. He has billed InnovaCare into a truly integrated network of systems that are geared towards helping their clientele. The substantial amount of work that they do for communities all over the United States and Puerto Rico seeks for themselves. Dr. Richard Shinto has also recently earned an award that titles him as one of the top minority executives in the healthcare industry.


Dr. Richard Shinto is successful but he relies on team members like Penelope Kokkinides to help run the growing company. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. She has served in a variety of roles with InnovaCare in the past, but her current position has given her the opportunity to flex her vast knowledge in the fields of business, healthcare, and mental health. The truly diverse members of the leadership team that makes up InnovaCare is one of the reasons why they have garnered so much success over the years.


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