IMAX Camera Gear Up for Infinity War

Apparently, fans loved Avengers: Age of Ultron so much they are already looking towards the next entries in the series Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. Studio executives surely are looking toward the next two films since the recent one has totally cleaned up at the box office. In order to ensure fans really do enjoy their experience in the theater, a major production decision has been made. The Infinity War films are going to be shot with a very sophisticated new high-end camera.

The two-part project is going to be a really big event according to businessman Jaime Garcia Dias. Nine straight months are being dedicated to the principle shooting of the feature. Now, we learn that an advanced 2D digital IMAX camera is being employed to shoot the feature.

Alright, some may be saying that only “super tech and movie geeks” are going to be thrilled at this news. To a degree, that might be correct. Fans of all things high-tech and digital love to hear about new innovations when they emerge. For the average fan though, the use of brilliant new forms of cinematography can truly change a film experience for the better.

Over a half a century ago, audiences were treated to Cinemascope and other stunning filming achievements. Films shot with such innovative camera technology truly left amazing impressions.

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