iFunding Blends Crowdsourcing Innovation with the Real Estate Market

iFunding is a real estate investment marketplace that brings crowdsourced investors to real estate operators in need of capital. Investors in the iFunding marketplace will have access to a range of real estate projects through a secure web platform. If the real estate investment sees an increase in value, investors cash in.

Those who register with iFunding will find it allows for investments of as little as $5,000 dollars toward family homes, multi-family units, commercial property, and office buildings. iFunding’s experts oversee the investment from beginning to end to balance both profit returns and security risk. In addition to allowing small-time investors bet on real estate, the platform provides an excellent means for non-traditional capital acquisition for its real estate operators.

All money invested goes into iFunding’s Single Purpose Vehicle LLC which serves as the investment vehicle for each real estate transaction. Investors can expect competitive returns, higher tangible asset value, a hedge against inflation, and a great means of portfolio diversification. With iFunding, many investors have access to investments they might not otherwise ever have an opportunity to invest in. The company is bringing new opportunities to small and medium retail investors.

CrunchBase shows iFunding boasts over 30 years worth of investment experience and expertise. Anyone who is new to the world of real estate investment can feel at ease having iFunding’s team of professionals as investment partners to monitor and manage the invested capital. As an indication of its success, to date iFunding has underwritten more than $2 billion in real estate investments. This track record is the reason iFunding’s investors trust it to do everything it can to minimize the risk of its investments while not losing out on profit potential.  With the new hires MarketWired reported, it’s clear iFunding is looking to keep expanding throughout the future.

William Skelley is the founder and CEO of iFunding. He is an expert in alternative funding who has emerged as one of the foremost innovators in the use of crowdsourcing technology. He introduced the concept known as accredited crowdsourcing. Accredited crowdsourcing allows accredited investors to combine relatively small sums of capital to invest in large-scale initiatives they otherwise would not have the resources to invest in.

Prior to starting iFunding, Mr. Skelley held positions at Bain Capital, Olympus, General Electric, and Rose Park Advisors. His bold new approach to real estate investing has made his company renowned among both real estate investors and crowdsourcing enthusiasts. Mr. Skelley is a frequent speaker at crowdsourcing and real estate industry events.  Skelley runs the iFunding Twitter as well, where you can keep informed on what the brand does next.

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