IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Companies

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company that offers its clients a broad spectrum of solutions and service. Most of the services from the company benefit organizations, international government agencies, and the United States military. Today, the company is considered to be a leader in offering world-class seasoned program management. The global company on Google leverages and also integrates its capabilities to offer the clients innovative, safe and extremely reliable solutions that can meet the customer’s diverse and complicated situations.

IAP Worldwide has been serving consumers for the last sixty years. The corporate headquarters of the company are found in Cape Canaveral. At the moment, the institution operates in over one hundred locations and twenty different nations worldwide. The company has also maintained its offices in Panama City, Washington DC area, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Individuals and governments who have worked with IAP Worldwide say that they received the best services from the enterprise. Many experts in the world have been offered employment opportunities by the firm too.

Just recently, IAP Worldwide announced to its clients that it had decided to acquire two new businesses. According to a statement from the company, Aviation and Logistics business that is found at the Oklahoma City will be part of IAP. The Tactical Communication and the Network Solutions business that is currently located at the Aberdeen Proving Ground were also acquired. TCNS is a company that provides logistics and mission support services, engineering and information technology services on jobs.net mostly to the United States Department of Defense and several other agencies in the country. The new businesses have unique capabilities and talent, and they will help the company in achieving its long-term strategies. Both companies will be integrated into IAP Worldwide.

The current CEO of IAP Worldwide, Doug Kitani says that the new acquisition will increase the capabilities of the institution. Thanks to the additions, more clients in the world will enjoy the services of the company. Kitani believes that their market will double in size in the recent future. Kitani also stated that the acquired businesses would be integrated to form a powerful unit that will be known as Aviation and Engineering Solutions.

The team at the company is very excited about the new additions. The communication, aviation and networking services from the new businesses will fit naturally at IAP Worldwide, making the institution expand its portfolio. The institution will be able to achieve its objectives easily after the new addition.

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