How Jason Hope is Revamping Airlines

Jason Hope is known for his work in mobile communications, various types of technology, and his desire to work on new investment opportunities. While much of his interest thus far has been involved in anti-aging, he is now interested in how he can revamp airlines. Now you can use the internet while on a plane, whereas before you couldn’t use any signal that may interfere with the pilot’s ability to communicate properly with the air tower. Now things have changed, and it has Jason Hope looking for more opportunities all in the air. What is his new interest?

It’s airlines. Gartner Inc., a well-known research company published some information that leads us to believe that nearly 25 billion things will be connected by 2020. That is a lot of things, and it can be quite overwhelming for those who aren’t really all that tech savvy. The best part is that bluetooth technology is what enables these connections and makes it possible for so many things to connect with ease. Bluetooth makes it possible for things and people to become connected and the method by which it’s being done is changing too. What once called for large devices can now be possible with the help of tiny stickers. Things once needed to be larger are now smaller.

This is why the airlines are now adopting the use of this technology, in hopes that it will make air travel easier as well as communications during air travel if needed. Nearly 40% of airlines are seeking the adoption of this new technology and how it could improve their marketshare. More than 55% of airlines have said that within the next three years they will be focused more on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and how technology plays into it all. As it turns out, IoT is going to be big, and it’s more evident every day. As more airlines see the need for WiFi ability and enhanced communication with air towers, they also know that this will improve everyone’s airline experience. This is why Jason Hope is on board with his passion for technology to improve air travel.

Jason Hope looks to Virgin Airlines as a reliable model, with all planes running on a wireless connection. Technology is improving all markets, and Jason Hope is looking forward to the future adding viable technology to everything he works with.

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