How Does Securus Make Our Ministry Better?

Securus is a great company that has been helping to make sure that the ministry we run can place the phone calls to the people that we are working with. They have an A+ rating from the BBB. We have tried to make every effort to get the results that are most needed, and we are trying to be sure that we feel like we are really reaching these people. The only way to do that is to see them, and we are making sure we can see them with Securus. As I learned from, it is pretty impressive that Securus has been able to get the cameras in all the jails where we call, and then we can see all the inmates live when we call.
We have a lot of people on our team that use the app, and that is something that makes our lives easier. We just make the calls from our phones, and they turn up as video calls. It is very simple for us to use because we have set up all the accounts to call the people that have assignments on our team, and then we check in with every inmate in real time. We have also heard of great people who are able to call family and friends using the same technology.


I am very impressed with Securus, and I am glad that I have trusted our ministry to the program. The program has been making it easier for me to get the results that I want, and I have also been able to talk to people that need someone to check in with. A lot of these inmates do not have not family or friends who will check in with them, and it is much easier to use Securus than it is to just drive to the jail. We are very thankful for the technology.

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