How Colbeck Capital Management Lends Capital In Difficult Situations

Colbeck Capital Management, LLC, is a wealth management firm located in New York City. Their financial services include financial planning, portfolio management consulting services, and financing solutions. This is a privately held company that was founded in 2009. The co-founders were Jason Beckman and Jason Pierce Colodne, both managing partners. Thomas Wilhelm is the managing director and head of business development.

They invest in private opportunities that they develop in-house. Their main line of business is secured strategic corporate loans. The leaders of Colbeck Capital Management believe that opportunities exist when other lenders put too much attention to the idiosyncratic risks that can be managed. Credit markets also create opportunities when they underweight common risk including high beta to the economy, high leverage, poor structuring, and low asset costs.

Colbeck Capital Management looks at the broad investment universe and will focus on niche markets when they see they are undercapitalized. The goal is to create dependable income and upside returns through secured loans. It also creates further investment opportunities by developing partnerships with entrepreneurs, management teams, equity holders, and other stakeholders. This creates investment opportunities that feature the possibility of good excess-risk adjusted returns.

The solutions provided by Colbeck Capital Management are creatively designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of their clients. By also offering advisory services, they develop long-term relationships with their clients. Almost all of the companies they have worked with in the last decade have continued to maintain their advisory relationships with it. They have clients across the entire United States.

It offers strategic structured capital through six distinct ways. The first of these is offering clients a senior secured loan. This can be based on cash flow, the value of the company, or its assets. They also offer second lien and mezzanine loans. Colbeck Capital Management will offer distressed companies debtor in possession terms. They can offer capital based on unfunded commitments. The capital loans can also be based on short or long-dated maturities or flexible covenants.

There are multiple reasons why a company can’t get capital from a regular loan. Colbeck Capital Management often handles situations where a company needs to obtain a loan in a highly complex situation that also features a tight timeframe. If a company needs to restructure while having multiple owners, that can be too complex for regular lenders to handle. The company might have non-traditional assets that conventional lenders can’t easily place a value on. There might be a management buyout involved. The loan might need to be in cash or payment-in-kind. It could also be a company that doesn’t have an established relationship with a bank and so no lender wants to work with them.

Limback Holdings, Inc. is a company that works with Colbeck Capital Management. They had a loan arranged that had two parts to it. The first part was a loan of $40 million that was used to refinance their existing debt. There was also a $25 million delayed draw term loan, which they planned to use to potentially buy another company.

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