How a PR Firm Rebuilt Its Own Reputation

When reputation management company Status Labs faced an online reputation issue of its own, it was given the unique opportunity to “practice what it preaches” and help rebuild its own reputation online using some of the same techniques it uses to help others.

Since its launch in 2012, Status Labs has helped over 1,000 companies online rebuild their reputation. The company works with groups that have been tarnished in the media for some reason and helps them create plans to help rebuild their reputation online and in their communities, often resulting in a better reputation as a public relations company that they might have had before an incident occurred.

Status Labs ran into a reputation issue based on the behavior of a former executive from the company. In order to rebuild its reputation, the company put together a plan that involved a campaign to distance themselves from the executive, as well as put a positive face on the company going forward. The distancing happened in the form of publicly calling for the execs resignation, a move that was made through several media channels and included an image of the status Labs team, putting a face with the names associated with it and giving the organization as a whole a more personable feel.

After the executive left, the company spent a year working with a number of different charities, including the Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Roots, and Dress for Success. By working with charities, the company, which previously didn’t have a huge presence in the community, had the opportunity to be associated with good things rather than bad ones, a huge step toward rebuilding its own reputation.

The changes also happened internally. The company went about finding ways to show its employees that it appreciated its work and that its team members were a key part of the company’s success. That came in the form of stock options, free lunch of Fridays, company outings, and even the opportunity to bring pets to the office. Each thing was a small addition, but one that had a huge impact on the overall morale at the company. Hiring was also adjusted in such a way to ensure every team member added would be a positive addition. Follow Status Labs on their Tumblr account to learn more about the company’s news and events.

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