Grame Holm – Financial Coach for the Everyday Australian

Graeme Holm is shaking up the Australian loan market. A 17-year veteran of the financial services space, he is an accredited professional across the areas of generalized finance, financial planning, and real estate. Graeme spent nearly a decade working in the environment of Australia’s four major banks, but gradually became tired of promoting single-branded products and services. Mr Holm was greatly bothered when he discovered that many Australian families were being given unfair deals when doing business with financial institutions directly. Graeme become inspired to help fix the lives and financial situations of everyday Australians, one family at a time.


Graeme Holm begins his day begins bright and early, by 5:30 AM, by getting some exercise. He follows this up with something to stimulate the mind – a book or a podcast, for example. Graeme asserts that this energizes him, and keeps him at peak performance throughout the coming work day. He prefers to self-impose a business schedule that breaks his day down into half-hour segments, as he feels this is a good means of ensuring productivity. Around 10:30 PM, Graeme’s day typically comes to a close. Upon finishing client meetings in the evening, he likes to spend 5 to 10 minutes planning out the following day to ensure he stays ahead of the pack. During this time, he creates a list of five goals he aims to achieve in the coming day. He makes a commitment to these goals, and lets nothing stand in his way as he achieves them. He also suggests getting the day’s most difficult order of business taken care of first – it can help propel you through the day’s remaining tasks with a greater degree of confidence and effectiveness.

Mr Holm is a strong proponent of collaboration in the workplace. He believes that when people come together, their ideas are stronger overall. Graeme promotes an office culture that encourages employee participation in the decision-making process. Employees are encourage to fill the office’s suggestion box, share their new and innovative ideas, and collaborate freely with other professionals in the industry.

Graeme Holm believes that meaningful collaboration helps ideas move from conception to fruition at a much more rapid pace. Rapid implementation of innovative ideas is key to ensuring that those ideas reach their full potential.


Graeme Holm is an optimistic, hardworking man who believes that 30-year loan repayments can be completed within 7-10 years when an effective plan is implemented.

By consulting with a financial coach, maintaining a well-managed budget, and making regular deposits of income into a fully transactional loan account, the average Australian can reduce their interest charges and live on a weekly cash-based budget. In addition to these principles, consumers should be careful not to fall into a pattern of excessive or impulsive spending – such as new gadgets or luxury items that are not needed – but they should be able to meet their financial goals, and repay their loans within a much shorter window of time than they may expect. Learn more:

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