George Soros Foresees Another Global Market Collapse Brewing!

Years after world economies collapsed, liberal Democrat supporter George Soros compares today’s chaotic financial markets to that of 2008. While this troubling reality worries him, the multi-billionaire hasn’t lost hope. The news giant Politico is among the mass media outlets trending George Soros pledge of $6 million. He’s among crusaders endorsing Hillary Clinton for president this election. Hillary’s campaign funded by her “super PAC” campaign which has reached $25.3 million in just 6 months, a news pieced published by The Hill revealed. It added that this tally included George Soros December contribution of $6 million which accounted for about 25% of donations. Economists have kept a keen eye on George Soros reluctance to dole out money heavily to support politics. His unsuccessful efforts to bring down former president George W. Bush after investing over $20 million into the elections 12 years ago is an unabating reality that haunts him.
Ever since this colossal failure in 2004, George Soros withdrew his generosity, limiting political endorsements to a conservative $1 million. In 2012, he endorsed then-President Barack Obama with a $1 million pledge to Priorities USA Action. The latest on him endorsing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with such a generous contribution comes at no surprise. The records indicate that he’s long favored Clinton and in light of her giving him audience to share his insights on policies cemented his decision. CNN Politics online further covered the highlighted Democrat party progress thus far. It details that funds raised by individualized campaigns Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who have capped significant amounts. Last year, Clinton brought in $112 million and Sanders $73 million.

George Soros according to, encourages caution investing as today’s chronic global markets aren’t far from chaos. In 2008, he predicted a similar scenario which sadly became a reality. Apparently, China’s struggles are skin deep as it buffers to implement a promising growth model to stave off currency devaluation. Today China steers in a similar direction and if it doesn’t change course, it’ll trigger economic depression. George Soros keeps a keen watch of these economic trends. Additionally, he’s largely cautious with his investment decisions avoiding any penalties and unproductive stocks.

Soros Fund Management chairman and founder, George Soros remains a top contender on Forbes billionaires list. The Budapest-native majored in economics in London and later because a serial investment fund manager before moving to the U.S. Additionally, he established the philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations promoting human rights in 100+ countries. His passion for giving started some 35+ years ago when he sponsored Cape Town University black students. Additionally, George Soros philanthropic groups commit over $835 million in promoting different humanitarian projects. He uses his blog outreach and Open Society to share meaningful commentary with readers. A best-seller of 14 books that chronicles his best business and investment strategies has aided millions. Additionally, George Soros has written pieces on matters of economics, politics, open societies, globalization, and philanthropy.

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