GCPS And Aaron Lupuloff Are Helping America Love Education

The schools of The Unites States of America are performing at lower levels than the rest of the world. Could this be due to a decrease in American intelligence or is it something else? People like Aaron Lupuloff are taking an initiative to end this issue once and for all. He is currently the senior executive director of the Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation. He has a passion for enhancing the schools of the United States of America and improving the community. He has had the opportunity to raise three graduates from Gwinnet County Public Schools and is using his insight and resources to take on the action of doing what needs to be done.

Based on rocketreach.co, the Gwinnet County Public Schools Foundation is focused on making sure that students have opportunities for success, scholarships are funded, learning is done, teaching is superb, and forward thinking leaders are uplifted. In 2018-2019 this school district had welcomed as much as 180,000 students. Gwinnet county schools stand out because they are made up of a very diverse array of students who have different backgrounds and different living circumstances. All of these students are given access to a quality education, the arts, and athletic programs when they engage in the enriching educational experiences offered at Gwinnett County schools.

They have even gone above and beyond to make sure that students are breaking boundaries and self limiting mindsets that could hinder them in the future. The Falcons, GCPS Foundation ,and the Arthur M. Blank Community Foundation have teamed together to start a girls flag football sports team that gives them a healthy and safe environment to exercise their athletic ambitions while bonding with others to create relationships that can last for the rest of their lives. Aaron Lupuloff & GCPS are reaching out to do remarkable things pertaining to the education of the future of The Unites States of America. Their good deeds will influence other educational programs and facilities to make education enjoyable and life enhancing once more. To see more about Aaron you can visit coursehero.com


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