Entrepreneur Glenn Schlossberg On The Benefits Of Taking Breaks

Glenn Schlossberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design Group. Schlossberg believes in working hard, but also having fun. Schlossberg enjoys brainstorming concepts while he’s on vacation. Throughout the year, Schlossberg takes trips around the World to meet with established clients and potential buyers.

The Importance Of Taking Time Off

Schlossberg says that working too hard can lead to burnout. Schlossberg believes that taking breaks can help people improve their productivity and cognition. People who take breaks are also seen as more creative. As a form of creative expression, Schlossberg loves to race cars. He enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes from racing cars and the post race crash. Schlossberg also enjoys bringing his team along and letting them experience some of the fun activities.

Schlossberg also enjoys going to New York to race motocross. Schlossberg has great memories of visiting the BMW Driving Center in South Korea and the MacLaren Test Driving Center in England. Schlossberg loves going at a fast pace in both in his personal and professional life.

Research Supports Taking Breaks

Research has shown that people who take short breaks every day feel more energized and productive. People may also increase their life expectancy through taking breaks.

Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg believes that many of his top women’s wear lines were created during breaks in his schedule when he was able to brainstorm and re-discover his passion. Schlossberg says that taking trips is part of his creative process now.

Other Ambitions

Glenn Schlossberg also enjoys collecting cuff links, watches, and classic scotch. He is constantly trying to add to his collection, which is why Schlossberg was proud to announce that Jump Design Group has acquired Cathy Daniels and Susana Monaco. Schlossberg plans to develop his company through partnering with other women’s wear lines that share the same vision.

Giving Back

Glenn Schlossberg believes in giving back. He supports several foundations, including the Young Presidents Organization, Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation, and The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship for Urban Schools.  For more details about Glenn you can visit professionaltales.com


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