Don Ressler Has Made Activewear Fashionable

Yoga pants have become some of the most fashionable clothing pieces in the world for a variety of reasons. The health and wellness industry is especially popular these days, and analysts have predicted that the athletic apparel market will increase by about 50%, which is more than $100 billion, by the year 2020.

These numbers are indicative of the fact that athleisure is more than a clothing trend; it’s become a lifestyle. These days, it’s chic to be healthy. This explains why more and more customers are trading in t-shirts and denim for hoodies and yoga pants. These items are comfortable to wear when running errands and make people feel active and productive, even when they don’t have time to go to the gym.

The Fabletics brand is at the forefront of the athleisure moment. The company was launched in 2013 and has an eCommerce model that offers trendy activewear at a fraction of what competitors are charging. For instance, customers can get full outfits from Fabletics for just $49.95. Actress Kate Hudson is also the co-founder of Fabletics, and her influence on style and exercise has made the company especially popular.

Fabletics and similar brands have made fitness extremely fashionable at the office as well. Getting a workout in during the workday is responsible for trends like “sweat working,” which is when business associates are invited to attend a fitness class together. These sessions are becoming the new “power lunch.”


Fabletics is just one aspect of the JustFab brand portfolio. This leading fashion subscription website is on track to make $500 million in profits this year and Fabletics is responsible for 30% of these sales. That’s pretty impressive for a brand that is barely two years old. JustFab’s Co-CEO Don Ressler provides more insight into what makes JustFab so successful.

Don Ressler states that he and his wife Ginger have always had a passion for fitness. They were both athletes in college and remained dedicated to staying fit over the years. Don Ressler admits that he and Ginger spend a considerable amount of time in activewear, which made them realize that there was a market gap. He shares that there were yoga pants and shirts on the market for men, but they were expense and not very trendy. So he and his business partner, Adam Goldenberg started coming up with ways to turn JustFab into a business. Ressler realizes that people wear comfortable clothes on a daily basis, but they also want to look their best in their clothing. This is the philosophy that JustFab and Fabletics is built upon.



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