Cotemar Rigs and Vessel Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that was established in the year 1979. At first, the institution was one of the service company in the competitive energy industry. However, the organization has grown significantly, and it is currently one of the leading offshore service producers in the gas and oil industries. Cotemar offers its high-quality services to the Petroleos Mexicanos oil and other gas operations in Mexico.

Over the years, Cotemar has established itself in the market as a company that offers its services in two distinct lines: catering and accommodation, specialized vessels in the famous Campeche Bay. The Mexican company was the first to acquire the specialized dive, personnel transportation, and maintenance vessels.

In the year 1996, the institution decided that it was time to expand its presence in the market. The managing team did several consultations, and they chose to strengthen the presence of the institution by offering transportation services. At first, Cotemar would transport personnel and materials, and later on, they would provide accommodation and catering, construction and maintenance. This would be done on five rigs and three specialized vessels.

After several years, Cotemar decided to take its operations to a higher level. They achieved this by starting the construction of two special semi-submersible rigs with the help of COSCO. These would serve as the specialized maintenance and crane vessels that would transport solid and liquid materials that had been added to the fleet. By doing this, the organization managed to win the hearts of many clients and people in business who needed the essential services.

On the customized vessels and rigs operated by the Mexican company, there are accommodation and catering services that are out of this world. Some of the excellent services provided in the vessels include cleaning of the common area, nourishment, laundry facilities and bedding services in all the cabin spaces available.

The individual accommodation vessels from Cotemar are believed to have extraordinary cabins for two or four people. There are some recreational facilities in these vessels too. Some of these include gyms, cinemas, TV rooms, a well-kept basketball court and many other activities.

On all the rigs and vessels that are operated by the company, there is an in-house capacity to offer accommodation and catering services to more than four thousand individuals. The visitors and guests in the facility do not have to worry about the food provided because Cotemar follows the highest standards of health and quality control. This means that the food is safe.

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