Channing Tatum Reveals The Movie He Really Hates

Now we know why Channing Tatum’s character dies in the sequel to GI Joe. The actor says he hated his job, hates the franchise and no it is not a good idea to work in something you really hate. You’ve made that clear Channing.

Channing is making the rounds promoting Magic Mike XXL and chose to make it clear how he felt about GI Joe.

According to Ivan Ong, while on the radio show of Howard Stern, the actor said, “I hate that damn movie, only did it because I had signed a contract for three films with Paramount Pictures. I thought it sounded amazing and signed.”

Wow, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Trying to justify his words he said “the script was not good, did not add anything interesting to the history of GI Joe, and perished a character from the original story.”

If you recall, Tatum was not in the sequel, which delayed the release a bit, and so the producers called on more eye candy – Dwayne Johnson.

Despite his negativity, the film managed to raise $ 302 million worldwide, and $375 million without him.

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