Adam Milstein Allies Saban And Adelson In Effort To Fight Enemies Of Jews

Defending not only the Jewish homeland but also their way of life and pride is what Adam Milstein has written a lot about lately. He published an article in the Jewish News Syndicate in which he disclosed that he was forming a task force of Jewish-Americans committed to fighting the spread of antisemitism. This task force has been planned with the help of Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, two men who each support different political parties but who each have a desire to stop hate against the Jewish community. Milstein has compared what today’s Jews will need to do as part of this task force with what Judas Maccabeus did in the ancient world when he used his ingenuity to defeat Greek oppressors. Adam Milstein believes the foundation to the ultimate defeat of antisemitism are Jews looking out for each other and supporting Israel even if they don’t agree with all of its politics.

Israel is a very near and dear place to Adam Milstein because he grew up in Haifa and witnessed many of the wars they had throughout the 1950s, 60s and even as he served in their military in the 1970s. He was in the battalion commanded by Ariel Sharon that captured Egyptian territories during the Yom Kippur War, and he’s made several references to the tactical maneuvers Israel has made in defeating its enemies. Milstein attended the Technion Institute during his undergraduate school years and then finished a master’s degree at Univesity of Southern California. He developed an acumen for making investments in residential and commercial properties which led to him starting Hager Pacific Properties along with David Hager and Robert Neal, and the company has billions in property assets under management.

Adam Milstein wanted to build collaborations between leaders like Adelson and Saban and involve various rabbis and other synagogue board members, so he founded the Milstein Family Foundation and the Israeli-American Council to do so. The largest group his philanthropy is directed at is Jewish college students, and organizations like Hillel International and Hasbara Fellowships exist to give those students a voice. Milstein also is a board member of StandWithUs which promotes Israeli causes through mass media distribution.

Getting Better For Writing Wiki Articles

Wikipedia is an excellent place that writers can practice. It is for free, so there is no chance of losing a job or making less money from making a mistake. Also, some people read Wikipedia articles so they can learn more things about topics that are unfamiliar to them. Learning how to be a Wikipedia writers takes lots of effort because of the time needed to learn all the rules and read through all the guides a few times so you know that whatever you decide to write is going to be written correctly.

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Always use references. Encyclopedias are always chock full of references because people reading encyclopedias are always going to find out information that is true, rather than material that is intended solely to entertain readers.

Whatever you decide to write about on Wikipedia, make sure that whatever you are going to write about, you know plenty about the subject. Also, make sure that the format is going to work out well.