That Thanksgiving Taste Might Not Be What One Imagines


It tastes just like Thanksgiving. It’s something that anyone would be proud to hear in their home no matter what time of year it is. But a recent story by the Daily Herald offered a new twist on the phrase. Because it wasn’t uttered at a high class restaurant or within a cozy kitchen while gathering with family. It was a pronouncement by a CEO who was taste testing his company’s own brand of Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe dog food.

Both the event and the conclusion might come as a shock to some people. But it all ties together into something quite logical, and even appealing, as one continues on within the story. The reason the CEO was so eager to take a taste was because there wasn’t anything in the dog food which one wouldn’t be happy to see on his own plate. The story went on to describe quite a few examples of dog food companies which were making a switch to healthier organic ingredients in order to make high quality items. But at the same time, it’s important to keep in mind that this is hardly a new event.

As with most trends, there’s a few companies which have been at it for quite some time. One of the most prominent examples is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. Anyone who’s ever checked dog food rankings is probably familiar with Beneful simply for the fact that they’re continually rated as one of the best on the market. But those people are often unaware of exactly why that’s the case. And it turns out that it’s because they were one of the trend setters behind this use of higher quality all natural ingredients.

It’s easy to see for oneself though. On opening up a bag of Beneful one will see something that’s quite unusual in dog food. And that’s the fact that there’s easy to identify ingredients right there in the bag. It’s easy to know what’s on one’s own plate because he or she can simply look down at the meats and vegetables there. And in the same way one can tell what’s in Beneful by opening up a bag and seeing the chunks of delicious veggies and juicy meats on display.