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So, if you’ve ever had a “senior moment,” it doesn’t mean that you’ve reached back in time to reflect upon your life. Quite the contrary: it means that you have forgotten something.

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You’ve experienced a temporary memory lapse, if you will. While that phrase is used in a comical manner, the reality of geriatric memory loss is no laughing matter. As we age, memory function begins to decline and remembering is not as easy as it once was.

Besides the many studies confirming age-related memory loss, credible research has shown, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that proper diet and exercise have a clear connection to physical and mental health.

This means that memory can be enhanced by the addition of dietary supplements such as Prevagen*, the number one pharmacist-recommended brand—and industry leader—in the crowded market of memory-improvement aids.

Prevagen consists of a scientifically proven formula that expands the brain’s memory capacity. Its primary ingredient is “apoaequorin” which was discovered in a type of jellyfish that has an extraordinary ability to glow in the dark.

This most unusual phenomena piqued the interest of researchers, and after extensive studies over several years, discovered apoaequorin’s cognitive-enhancing properties.

As apoaequorin and exercise both contribute to healthy brain function, researchers explored and developed a relationship between the two with amazing results.

Science refers to the specific area of the brain that’s impacted by aerobic exercise as the hippocampus. With this in mind, it is fair to say that the hippocampus plays a vital role in connecting cardiovascular health to cognitive health.

Exercise can actually improve one’s ability to better concentrate and multi-task. And in an era of social media, long hours at work, childcare, domestic duties, and paying bills, one’s ability to concentrate and multi-task can aid in the reduction of mental and physical stress.

The goal of exercise is not to add to the stress of daily life, however, but to decrease anxiety and simultaneously boost your mental and physical wellbeing. Consequently, do fun things! Incorporate exercise into your daily routines. Instead of taking the elevator, walk up the stairs.

Walk with a friend or join a gym together. Expand your horizons by learning a new language. And have you ever noticed the calming effect of crossword puzzles and other word games?

Well, there is scientific evidence to support that these activities act as a brain boosters.

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There is a lot of scientific data on the market that advises actively using your brain in a way that slows age-related memory loss. Some researchers even believe that new brain cell growth is possible in accordance with continued brain activity.

And along with exercise, incorporate Prevagen into your healthy-cognitive-function regime and join the millions of satisfied consumers who tout the benefits they experience with its use. After all, we look forward to the day when “senior moment” will actually refer to looking back in time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with your doctor prior to taking Prevagen. Prevagen doesn’t cure brain diseases or injuries.

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Prevagen’s Tips For Improved Brain Health

As age sets in, the physical effects are often felt before the mental ones and are the focus of exercise and diets. However, the mental side effects of aging are just as important even if they are not recognized as quickly.

Along with the use of dietary supplements such as Prevagen, we think it is important to think of your mental health in your day to day life and activities.

Along with most aspects of health, it is crucial that you get at least some exercise each day to keep the body and brain operating at peak levels. Exercising promotes the formation and upkeep of small blood vessels that supply the brain with blood. Connections between neurons are also formed as a result.

Exercise should be supplemented with a healthy diet. Diets high in fruits, vegetables, plant based protein and unsaturated fat help to keep off or at least slow cognitive decline. There is also evidence that drinking plenty of water, green tea, and red wine are positive for the brain’s health.

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Though a moderate intake of red wine might be good for the brain, in the long run, less alcohol is better than more. Too much drinking can progress cognitive decline much faster and make an individual more likely of developing dementia. Smoking has also been shown to worsen or start problems in the brain.

In the end, the brain is made to respond to the world. That is its purpose and so naturally stimulation is one of the best ways of exercising the brain and keeping it strong throughout life.

Strategic games, socializing, and getting out into nature are just a few of the simplest ways to stimulate the brain in an enjoyable way. If hiking isn’t your favorite, then perhaps a game of chess or solitaire would be enough to give your brain a work out for the day. It is important to keep this mental work out regimen frequent and consistent.

At times, stimulation can actually be negative for the brain. Thinking about problems day in and day out has been shown to increase individuals’ chances of developing mental illnesses.

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To avoid too much stress in your daily life, it might be wise to ease the problems with calming activities such as meditating, doing yoga or simply breathing deeply. Sleeping can also aid in these efforts and are important to all aspects of your life.

With these simple methods, dietary supplements such as Prevagen have been shown in studies to improve memory, support healthy brain function and make thinking clearly more easy.

We recommend using a combination of all of these methods to give your brain the most support you possibly can. Age does not need to control anyone and consistent healthy habits can hopefully hold off the worst of the symptoms for years.

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Hacks to Get You Back into Your Routine from Prevagen

Getting back to the routine after a long and lazy vacation is a struggle many people deal with.

As summer gets to its tail end, Prevagen has recommended several tips to help you get into your normal routine. The following are some of the easiest tips from the manufacturer of leading wellness products in the industry.

Set your bed-time and waking schedule

It is important to set a bed-time schedule as well as waking schedule to get started with your journey to get started with your journey on the right foot. You should try to adhere to the schedule at all costs.

Most likely you’ve been sleeping late and waking up late during your vacation. It is now time to break that chain and sleep early and wake up early regularly.

Make small steps until you arrive at the sweet sport. While you’re at it, it is important to make sure you’ve at least 7 hours of sound sleep.

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Plan your week ahead

As you start your week, start it off with a concrete plan. That way, you will have each day of the week under control knowing what to expect and to do. Obligations, appointments, and other events are supposed to be scheduled for fully in advance.

Additionally, you should not forget to include some free time for relaxing in your schedule. Lastly, your schedule should be as simple as possible in the first week as you get back on track.

Set time aside for relaxing

Some time for relaxing will help you deal with burn out that you might experience at the workplace as you get back into your routine.

It will be harder for you to stick to your routine when you’re stressed. Things can get off schedule but it helps to keep calm, stay relaxed, and be flexible enough to find your back into your routine.

Build your body

It is possible that you might have fallen behind with your gym routine and gained a few calories as you made merry during your vacation. Now that the vacation is almost over, it is time to get your body moving again.

You will need to start slow with sometime like a walk every morning as you progress toward your intense workout routine.

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Since you have been there before, you realize how important exercise is in your overall health. Exercise boosts your brain function and overall health. Exercise will make you feel energized and play a big role in your journey to get into your routine.

Who are Prevagen?

It is a big brand in the market of supplements. Prevagen’s biggest selling point is that it has the ability to improve memory loss in aging people.

Prevagen is safe to use. Its ingredient called apoaequorin which has been found to support brain function is safe and it has been certified by relevant authorities.

The brand has always been dedicated to supporting healthy living and it has demonstrated that in the development of its products. It recognizes that a healthy brain starts with a healthy lifestyle.

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