The Future of Isabel Dos Santos at Unitel

Unitel is among the largest telecommunication companies in Angola that have built their brands over the years. The company operates under a team of professionals led by Isabel Dos Santos. The leaders have played a significant part in overseeing the company’s success. Isabel has worked as the Chairperson and President of Unitel for quite some time. Her expertise in the telecommunication industry contributes to her ability to lead the firm in a significant way.

However, Isabel Dos Santos’ tenure as the Chair of the Board of the telecommunication giant ended earlier this year. The shareholders decided to reshuffle the management’s team that saw her relieved of the duties of the chairperson. The resolutions came after a heated general shareholder’s meeting that took place in March 2019. Isabel would lead the company as an administrator. Additionally, Isabel would not direct the company’s operations as before. Read more about Isabel at eco

Sonangol and PT Ventures are some of Unitel’s shareholder companies that proposed Miguel Geraldes for the position of the director general of the telecommunication firm. Miguel brings vast experience from Huawei, South Africa. Geraldes would take over the seat held by Anthony Dalton from May 6, 2019. João Boa Quipipa would take over as the head of the finance department.

The shareholders in the meeting, however, praised the outgoing team for their excellent management technique. According to various speakers that took to the podium during the meeting, the teams served the company wholeheartedly. Besides, the company’s performance was commendable over the years under the leadership of Isabel Dos Santos.

Another issue that carried the day is the Paris arbitration court’s ruling that directed other Unitel’s shareholder companies to pay blocked dividends. The court ordered the payment of over 600 million Euros belonging to Brazilian shareholders by Geni and Vidatel companies. Isabel Dos Santos Vidatel and Leopold no Nascimento owns Geni. All the four companies own 25% stake each in Unitel’s management.

Isabel Dos Santos is a business guru with interests in telecommunication, media, infrastructure, finance, energy, and other ventures. The first daughter of Dos Santos, former Angola’s President is also a motivational speaker. The entrepreneur also works hard to help African women achieve their goals. Her companies have 50,000 employees that earn their daily through her hard work.