Down With Mush, The Rise Of Premium Pet Food Is Here

Pet food has come a long way in 50 years and is on the verge of yet another revolution. As human food changes as technology advances, pet food seems to follow in its footsteps shortly after new technology or standards are implemented. As freeze drying and factory canning became popular we then saw dog foods available on the market. As we realized what we put into our bodies matter, we realize what putting into our pets foods matters.

The newest craze in pet feeding is almost a step back into simpler times, less ingredients and more nutrients. Companies such as Beneful have created whole lines of food that proudly market quality meat and fresh veggies as the first ingredients in their recipes.

The Daily Herald published an article on the premium dog food phenomenon and described it as the eat-like-your-owner trend, predicting that as long as families care what is being put on the table and think of their pets as family that they will care what they feed their pet. To prove that his the food his company produces is of superior quality Richard Thompson, the president of Freshpet, ate a slice right off the line and compared it to Thanksgiving dinner.

Beneful wet foods are remarkably similar in appearance and taste to food that we would put on the table for our families, from stews and medleys to chopped favorites. The ingredients in Beneful are easily identifiable; whole peas, chopped carrots and chunks of meat with barley or rice and gravy are a far cry from the brown mash that was the standard in dog food for many years.

Gourmet pet food sales have climbed nearly 37 percent according to the Daily Herald, and premium foods sales increase a whopping 45 percent since 2009 lending much support to back up the notion that people care what their pooch eats. Richard Thompson put it best saying, “If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family: bingo.”, and predicts that the trend of healthy, quality foods is here to stay.