Graham Edwards Top Man In London Real Estate

Thanks to Graham Edwards who is the CEO of Telereal Trillium, the real estate market levels in London has hit record highs. Telereal and Trillium were formerly two separate companies. In 2009 these two powerful real estate companies joined forces. This collaboration is a great example of large-scale property transaction. Edward Graham played a very important role in this deal being orchestrated.

Graham contacted the CEO of Trillium, Ian Ellis with the idea for the collaboration. Edward made this move at the first hearing of Trillium being put up on the market. Graham was named as the Chief Executive Officer of the combined companies Telereal Trillium.

This contract began building Edward Graham’s Legacy as a prominent CEO. As an extension to the first deal when Telereal was formed, the negotiations of Graham was a Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. acquisition. The new company Telereal Trillium had a large amount of leverage in the market of property management. There had to then be a determination of what was to be done with the collective resources of Edwards and the non-executive director, Ellis.

The new entity had a tremendous amount of equity at hand and made it easy for a quick deal to be made but Edwards chose not to rush in to anything so soon. He was also in no rush to show the power that was held by the new entity either. Graham was smart enough to know that there was no need to make any deals within the first year of the company collaboration. He feels that just like making a deal can be the right thing to do, he believes that not making a deal can be the right thing to do also (

Graham Edwards Telereal went to King’s College located in London as well as the University of Cambridge. He graduated from both entities. His education has allow his several opportunities to land positions at higher level organizations. He even serves as an investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management.