The Ultimate Businessman: Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Business is being conducted on a daily basis. It’s happening when we’re awake, and it’s happening when we’re asleep. The world is in constant motion for 24 hours a day. Like the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.” This notion rings true, and it is personified by hundreds of thousands of people on a global scale.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is the epitome of this notion, and his resume is a true testament of his success. The guy has a heart of gold, and his brain is always in overdrive. He is basically a brilliant thinker. Brainstorming for ideas and reading copious amounts of informative material enhances his brilliance.

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Pulier’s educational base comes from two of the nation’s best higher learning institutions. The guy has literally attended MIT and Harvard University. He has a B.A. in American & English Literature, and he has provided many business solutions for companies that span across numerous sectors. This includes healthcare, education, information technology and government. Is there anything he can’t do when he puts his mind to it? As of now, he has certainly conquered the IT industry and many more. Technology really compliments mankind either way you look at it. Technology can be used for fun, and it can be used to create solutions. Pulier is a firm believer in this notion, and his work is 100 percent proof. People who deal with Multiple Sclerosis have benefited from this extraordinary guy. He has developed educational-based solutions to help these people in effectively dealing with the disorder on a daily basis. Pulier has worked with prominent politicians in a number of popular forums such as technology and healthcare.

He is also one of the first persons to adopt cloud computing. He has invested in tech companies that were at seed level. The list goes on and on. In other words, Eric Pulier is the ultimate businessman as well as the ultimate philanthropist.

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Shaygan Kheradpir: An Icon of Business Success

An Icon of Business Success
Born and raised in London, Shaygan did not have such a settled education due to the fact that he traveled across continents to pursue education at different levels. His was such a normal livelihood, and nothing special about his family could be attributed to his success his father having been an ear, eyes and throat doctor back in the days. Shyagan Kheradpir went through his grade school studies in Switzerland and eventually to the United States to pursue his bachelor’s degree, masters, and doctorate all at Cornell University. His was an electrical engineering course, and that was the building ground of his successful career in technology until now that he is an executive in technology and a successful business man. The inspiration of his success can be attributed to a lot of things right from the youth of Mr. Shaygan. This article will look at this man in line with his success.

One thing that undisputedly sparked exemplariness in the journey of Shaygan is his education system. He worked hard in school and to add unto to his excellence, the American system of education is known to have great impact on his success. Cornel University is among the most recognized universities in the states and even the world over. It instills in one quality values and skills that one can apply in the real life world and come out successfully. One example of the people who benefited from this system is Mr. Shaygan definitely.

In every other company that Shaygan works in, he is seen to be someone who is quite exemplary in terms of accepting changes and inculcation technological advances into the organization only if to increase the success of the business. This virtue has been seen to have greatly assisted him and more often he would be seen rising even beyond his seniors. The one instance where Shaygan is evidenced as such a flexible person is when he adopted network routing into Verizon during his time there. His willingness to accept changes thus influenced his success a great deal.

How does the way one handles his or her employees affect the running of the organization? This is a question that seeks to unveil the kind of relationship that is existent among the workers of an organization especially between the top authority and the members of the lower rank. How the boss deals with their employees has an impact on the success as business insiders would advise us and one man who values his employees is Mr. Shaygan. He has a very special way of dividing his members of the organization into various groups that would work into achieving the target goals of the organization. In a much-disciplined way, he would motivate his employees and advise them accordingly. With his knowledge of individuals in the company, he would group them into functional groups in order to overcome the weaknesses that some of them might be having, and that might be reducing the efficiency of growth.